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    15 Stunning Fashion And Beauty Influencers Who Wear Hijabs

    These women are breaking barriers in the fashion and beauty industry.

    1. Halima Aden was the first woman to wear a hijab in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant, and has been slaying ever since.

    2. Hodan Yusuf literally has the rich and beautiful skin that I've been trying to achieve my entire life.

    3. Muna teaches her followers how to do breathtaking looks that scream FIERCE with each shot.

    4. Amina Adan is the first hijabi model signed to a local modeling agency in Denmark, landing major gigs like the Max Mara show at Milan Fashion Week.

    5. Shahira Yusuf tweeted "I ain't no Kendall Jenner but I'm a black Muslim girl from east London that's about to finesse the modelling industry," and sis did just that.

    6. Sumaiya Samia can serve us powerful, fierce, and regal — all the makings of a top model.

    7. Mariah Idrissi became known as the first hijabi model to appear in an H&M campaign.

    8. Doha Shawky rocks a modest style daily, and we couldn't be more in love with it.

    9. Shahd Batal isn't only a model, but also a vlogger, and her beauty is radiant.

    10. Nura Afia made history as CoverGirl's first brand ambassador to wear a hijab.

    11. Saufeeya Goodson first gained popularity when she co-founded Modest Route, a page that promotes modest fashion.

    12. And Shatha Tamimi proves that flaunting your roots is the greatest fashion statement of all.

    13. Ikram Abdi Omar is the second hajibi model, after Halima, to be signed to a major modeling agency.

    14. We'll literally buy whatever product Drea and her mesmerizing eyes are selling.

    15. Maria Alia told Nasty Galaxy, "When young women see themselves represented in culture, it means a lot," and has played a key role in making that happen in the fashion industry.