28 Seriously Impressive Costumes That Prove Comic Con Beats Halloween, Hands Down

    This year's New York Comic Con featured everyone from Venom to Domino to Moana and Maui!

    Yo, Halloween, I'ma let you finish, but this year's New York Comic Con had some of the best costumes of all time! Here are some of the fantastic ensembles:

    1. Look y'all, it's the girl who lived and then casually slayed!

    2. She gets a medal just for making it through this photo.


    4. FYI, there's no chance for you to beat her! Challenge someone else.

    5. Domino but make it Foxy Brown.

    6. Please get into this meta moment: Loki killing Loki.

    7. Somebody help! This Scarlet Witch just snatched my wig!

    8. Reason number 7465374 that Miles Morales needs his own live-action Marvel movie: this pic.

    9. Oh the force is most definitely with her.

    10. Mystique's reading this somewhere SHOOOOK!!!

    11. And here we have Shigaraki out here in his feelings.

    12. Super Saiyan Rosé's was pink and popping per usual...

    13. ...And the gorgeous Jinx came, loose cannon and all.

    14. Deadpool and Negasonic took a lovely family photo.

    15. Dear Hollywood folks, Hijab Heroes is the movie we all need.

    16. You know it's not a Comic Con unless Black Panther comes through.

    17. It's all fun and games until the claws come out.

    18. Hook has NEVER looked so good!

    19. Anyone who opposes her will mos def be destroyed!

    20. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's two-fifths of the dopest superhero group of all time!

    21. Yes, Supergirl takes bathroom selfies too, cuz why not?

    22. This Alexstrasza is straight fire, which makes sense considering her dragon powers!

    23. Your cos-play game is literally on another level when you're levitating.

    24. This world is full of so many possibilities and apparently a real life Rose Quartz is one of them!

    25. I dunno about Gamora, But I'm STILL mad at Peter Quill -___- You had ONE job!!!

    26. You see those nine tails? That's called talent and creativity hunny!

    27. Here's an adorable photo of Moana, Maui, and Te Fiti. You're welcome.

    28. Michonne was also there in all her zombie slaying glory.