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    We Found The World's Most Beautiful People, And It's Not An Opinion

    If anyone needs us we'll be scrolling and jamming to A Seat At The Table softly in the background.

    The world's most beautiful people gather at Afropunk in Brooklyn every year, and this weekend they reunited at the festival and left us in utter awe.

    1. Honey, your fave could contour and STILL wouldn't have this chisel.

    2. In case you were wondering what heaven looks like, here's an actual preview.

    3. But when is the fashion campaign dropping? WHEN???

    4. It's only melanin and good vibes 'round this way, sis.

    5. So can she get a Vogue cover too because the more black women in floral headpieces the better.

    6. Queen snatched our edges and then weaved them to make this regal headpiece.


    8. Here's another blessing we don't deserve but are so grateful we get to see.

    9. Actual proof that god is a woman.

    10. Somebody get Rihanna on Line One because we know who the next Fenty model should be.

    11. Sisters that slay together shine together.

    12. A reminder that the '90s was in fact the best era.

    13. *Moment of silence to respect this hair, these lips, cheeks and bone structure*

    14. But in real life, hang it in the MoMA. NOW!

    15. Beauty AND swag? Shorty a star!

    16. See how much better life is when you embrace color instead of trying to fight it?

    17. We're suddenly inspired to write a whole collection of love poems.

    18. We've never wanted to be friends with a stranger so badly.

    19. There's nothing more beautiful than the look of peace from being around your people.

    20. Lil Kim is the gift that keeps on giving and we're thankful for the legacy.

    21. What we envision when we hear the word "joy."

    22. But whose family is responsible for not one but TWO wig snatchers😍😍?!

    23. Black beauty and black fashion MATTER.

    24. Shouts out to Da Brat, Kriss Kross, and every little black girl who had a hand in influencing the many plait variations.

    25. In the words of an activist and artist, "Deep inside, we're all just pink."

    26. No shade, American Gothic, but these two had the greatest portrait of all time.

    27. One sec while we bow down bc we know a queen when we see one.

    28. *slides in DM's like "hey kings"*

    29. When your hair and your spirit stay bright AF.

    30. Our look of unbotherdness when we get passive aggressive emails.

    31. And our mood thriving, despite every structure and every system.

    Thanks to every royal being who made our timelines so much more beautiful.

    Tag us in your fave #AFROPUNK looks @asis.