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Beyonce And Jay-Z Just Won Best Couples Halloween Costume By Honoring Two Olympic Icons

"Seeing Beyonce as Flo brought back so many memories of feeling invincible as a teen. Flo is black excellence."

This Halloween, Beyoncé and Jay-Z dressed up as iconic track and field Olympians Florence "Flo-Jo" Griffith-Joyner and Tommie Smith. *BTW I'm writing this from the afterlife cuz I'm ded*

Both athletes made world history. The late Flo-Jo still holds the title of fastest woman in the world after having set new world records in the 100-meter and 200-meter sprint at the 1988 Olympics.

She also did it while repping black girls hard with unapologetically FUBU looks, long acrylic nails included.

Flo Jo has been one of my fav women since running track in grade school. Seeing @beyonce as Flo brought back so many memories of feeling invincible as a teen. Flo is black excellence. She excelled while adding flavor of the culture in her hair, uniform and most notable, her nails https://t.co/v4NKF7LS48

Flo Jo passed away at age 38 during the peak of her athletic and entertainment career after suffering a fatal epileptic seizure in 1998.

Meanwhile, Tommie Smith changed the course of sports when he and USA teammate John Carlos raised black-gloved fists in protest of racism and global injustice while medaling at the 1968 Olympics.

Raised fist: Tommie Smith and his "moment of truth" at the 1968 Olympics The Olympian talks about his raised-fist salute, one of the 20th century's iconic moments, and an inspiration for athletes today making their own protests against injustice https://t.co/5B7PJHb4iS https://t.co/cZ4HJYF6Cu

The political demonstration led to their being expelled from that year's games and widely-ostracized by the US sporting industry for years to come.

I would say I'm impressed with the many levels of detail but we're talking about THE CARTERS here.

Of course this touching tribute to black excellence had so many people in their feelings...

Beyoncé as Flo Jo and Jay Z as Tommie Smith is the best thing I have seen in a long time. And so apropos in these times. https://t.co/ivjH2fegmQ

...Including Flo-Jo's daughter Mary Joyner, who posted a heartfelt note to The Carters on her Instagram: "Unreal, Beyoncé. Thank you for giving my mom the recognition, paying the homage, and keeping my mother's memory alive [and] to Jay-Z for bringing homage to Tommie Smith. [The] track & field world needs more acknowledgment. My mother is resting in paradise smiling."

Folks especially loved how the high profile couple used the holiday and their massive reach to introduce these black sports legends to a whole new generation.

2000 kids googling who is Flo Jo after Beyonce just played homage to yet another legend.

Mind you, it was only two days ago that Beyoncé paid homage to fellow songstress Toni Braxton, another legendary black woman who deserves ALL of the praise. "Thank you for the countless bops," Beyonce's wrote. "Your tone, your beauty, your range, and your God-given talent is treasured."

"Beyonce has introduced a new generation to two Black Legendary women in history," wrote Twitter user @MrDane1982. "Black Girls Rock!"

Beyonce has introduced a new generation to two Black Legendary women in history. Songstress Toni Braxton Track Icon Flo Jo Black Girls Rock!!! https://t.co/Zz9aqkZga0

Okay so only 364 more days until next Halloween!!! *Marks calendar and patiently waits to hand over my wig*