17 Ways Women Have Successfully Gotten Raises Or Promotions

    Four letters to describe you: B-O-S-S.

    We asked the ladies of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they did in order to successfully ask and get 👏 that 👏 raise 👏 or 👏 promotion 👏. Here are some of their experiences and best tips:

    1. Always go the extra mile with your work, because higher ups *will* notice, and you'll be the first person who comes to mind when a new position opens up.

    2. Use check-in meetings as a time to discuss potential raises, especially if you've taken on new responsibilities that aren't acknowledged in your current salary. Come prepared knowing the salary you'd like, and with tangible receipts of why you deserve it.

    3. If you want that promotion, you have to voice that desire! As obvious as it is in your head, it might not be as obvious to other people — so there's no harm in being straightforward.

    4. Just ask, especially if the mood is already right — aka, after your boss has showered you with a positive performance review. A cherry on top, shall we say.

    5. It doesn't even have to be an official "Can I have a raise?" conversation — speak up whenever the moment allows you to!

    6. Find a partner who has the same goal as you — asking for that raise is hard, and having a support system is important, especially when it strengthens your own argument/case.

    7. When someone new (and hopefully more understanding) steps into a managerial position, snatch that opportunity up.

    8. Do your homework and look up hard numerical data to make your case even stronger.

    9. If you've taken on more responsibilities from the time you were hired, that's more than enough reason to put those on the table and ask for proper compensation.

    10. Instead of feeling like you're asking for a huge favor, frame the situation so that you're the one helping to solve an existing problem — in polite terms, of course.

    11. When imitating a hand-on-hips power pose gets old, sing a lil' tune in your head that makes you feel ten-times bigger and more confident:

    12. When someone as equally qualified as you — especially a man — gets promoted while you don't, point it out in a professional manner, argue your case, and be patient.

    13. Just ask! It's not always a drawn-out process. Be straightforward and know your worth.

    14. The gender wage gap is real, but you'll beat it with your frankness and smarts.

    15. Keep track of your own progress, so when a favorable opportunity comes your way, you're ready to prove exactly why they should hire you — onto greener pastures!

    16. Most rules aren't 100% set, especially if you make a damn good case for yourself. Not to be totally cheesy, but if there's a will, there's a way!

    17. Use leverage whenever you have it — if they don't bend, then they clearly don't see the value you bring, and maybe you're better off somewhere else.

    You on your way to the bank with your new raise or promotion:

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