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Rupert Grint

Watson looks with her chin resting on her hand and a watch around her wrist


『ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石』が全米公開20周年を迎えたことを記念し、特別番組『リターン・トゥ・ホグワーツ』が、米HBO Maxで放送されました。当時、あの3人組が抱えていた葛藤とは…?


Ranking The 50 Hottest Dudes Of The "Harry Potter" Movies

A definitive, inarguable list determined with science and hormones by 10 of the world's foremost experts on cute boys. In order from less-hottest-but-still-hot all the way to call-the-department-this-girl-is-on-fireeeee:

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