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    Just 27 Really Wholesome Celeb Encounter Stories That'll Make You Want To Meet Your Idols

    "A little act of acceptance from your hero when you’re 10 goes a long way…"

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their most wholesome celebrity encounters. Here are the downright heartwarming results...

    1. "I was on a drama trip to London, and we were at the National Theatre doing a workshop and tour. We ended up sitting in the auditorium for our break, and in walks Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. They were both so friendly and in such jovial moods – it put a huge smile on my face, knowing that those epic actors were such down-to-earth people."

    – rebeccahartle

    2. "Colin Firth came to visit my school a few years back. My friend and I were stood about 3 metres away from him while we waited to meet him, and he noticed us making hearts with our hands to him. He laughed and did it back. The whole thing was very pure."

    – lucya4d389f428

    3. "Dominic Monaghan, who played Charlie in Lost and Merry in Lord of the Rings, has an email account publicly listed so people can reach out to him. I was having a tough time in college and asked for his advice – he responded THAT night. He gave me advice, and even included a link to a song that always makes him happy. Since then, I’ve corresponded with him a few times and he’s always helped me. And if you're wondering, the song was 'For Once in My Life' by Stevie Wonder."

    – katies42954b924

    4. "My best friend and I met Rosario Dawson at a Women’s March – we were so overwhelmed by meeting such an incredible woman we ended up crying. When we told her why we admired her so much, she started crying too. It was one of the best encounters of my life."

    – athenaj42a99a7eb

    5. "In September last year I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Joey Fatone of NSYNC. I asked for a picture, and of course he said yes, but my phone died as I turned it on to take the photo. Instead of just going on with his life and forgetting the unfortunate fan who had a shitty phone battery, he offered me his phone charger and continued to chat as it charged. Not only that, he had one of his assistants take a photo as my phone was plugged up, and she sent the pics she took to me. It’s the little things that restore my faith in humanity every so often."

    – tm081302

    6. "My favourite author, John Green, visited my work to promote the Paper Towns movie, and I told him that I was from one of the towns he wrote about in one of his books – Naperville, Illinois. He told me a sweet story about how he had one of his first book signings there and how barely anyone showed up, and asked if I’d like to take a photo with him. It was one of my favourite moments on Earth ever."

    – Anna Kopsky

    7. "I met Margot Robbie last year whilst performing for an interactive theatre show in London. After the show, I was at the bar and she came up and sat down at the same table and told me how great I was. We talked for about 15 minutes and she was so chill, down to earth, and so, so sweet."

    – rpaulemont

    8. "When I was 10, I met J.K. Rowling at a book signing for Goblet of Fire. I’d read it pretty thoroughly in the couple of weeks since it was released, so it was looking a little worse for wear. When the bookstore staff accompanying her pointed out how rough it looked, she gave me a smile and said, ‘Don’t worry, I always drop mine in the bath.’ Just a little act of acceptance from your hero when you’re 10 goes a long way…"

    – popopoen

    9. "Rupert Grint came into my work last summer, and he was so lovely. He was wearing a cap and sunglasses, and probably didn't want to be disturbed, but I'm a massive Harry Potter fan and it was my colleague's last day, so she begged me to ask him for a picture. I apologised for disturbing him, but he was so sweet and told me not to apologise, took a picture, and told me to take care. Not a massive encounter, but you can tell he's the kind of guy who really cares about his fans."

    – Kyra Louise, Facebook

    10. "I saw Ian McKellen while he was filming the Da Vinci Code at Lincoln Cathedral. As he was going into the cathedral, a family with two little boys stopped and asked for his autograph. The boys said they loved Lord of the Rings and had the book set, and Ian told them to head home and get their books so he could sign them. He pointed the family out to the security team and told them that, when they returned with the books, to bring them straight to him to sign."

    – lauraeacurtis

    11. "When Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton were still together, they came to visit my home state of Arkansas and came into my family’s business to look around and shop. Angelina knew she wanted to adopt – I was a little kid at the time, and I remember her being so sweet to me and asking me what grade I was in and how old I was. She was so caring and down to earth."


    12. "A friend and I went to see John Barrowman at an event – my friend is in a wheelchair, and there were some steps up to meet him we weren't aware of. We were trying to get up to where he was but didn’t have the strength or balance to get her chair up. John heard us talking, came and scooped her out of her chair, and carried her in his arms up the stairs. He did ask first!"

    – gemmas3

    13. "I met Helena Bonham Carter at one of her film premieres a few years ago. Me and a friend waited for hours, it was pouring rain all day, and by the time we actually met her I was soaked through. When she arrived, her security tried to lead her away and rush her along, but she spotted us waiting and said something along the lines of, 'No no, let me sign these. They’ve been waiting ages.' She came over, had pictures with us, and chatted away for a few minutes. It was so considerate of her and made me fangirl even harder!"

    – lydiar4e438a48c

    14. "I went on a skiing trip in France with my parents when I was around 8. My mam and I were absolutely terrible, and after a truly magnificent wipeout she got stuck on her back while I was a few metres downhill laughing hysterically. A guy stopped to help her out and was laughing away with us. Once she was upright, he whipped off the ski goggles to chat and it was Colin Farrell. My prepubescent self died a quiet death while my mam was completely oblivious chatting to him about the hassle getting there from Dublin."

    – ellenkcee

    15. "In ’93, my heavily pregnant mother was waiting to see Princess Diana, who was opening up a charity in our city centre. My mum had been waiting ages just to get a glimpse of her, whist balancing a toddler on her bump. As soon as Princess Diana saw my mum, she demanded someone to get my mum a chair and chatted to her while someone brought it."


    16. "I met Shawn Mendes at an album promo event for Handwritten at a mall. We took a picture, and he was so sweet to every fan he met. I was so excited that I accidentally left my bag with his security guards. When I walked off the stage, he ran after me with my bag and said, 'Wait, you forgot this!' Best moment of my year."

    – isabelp45e942073

    17. "I was working on the set of Blades of Glory, and one day while munching at the craft services table Jon Heder struck up a conversation with me about Starbursts. How much he loved them, if I loved them, what flavour he liked the most (it's tropical). The conversation was so just normal and relaxed. I’ve never had a more wholesome encounter while on set."

    – jessicab44f8ce128

    18. "The first time I met Kelly Clarkson I tried to shake her hand, and she said, 'Oh no! I don’t shake hands.' I was so embarrassed and sad that she was so rude…until she yelled, 'YOU BETTER HUG ME, BOY!' We talked for a good few minutes, and she was so chill and down to earth, and she hugged me every time we discovered we had something in common. I was fortunate enough to talk to her again a few years later, and she was like, 'HEY YOU! How ya been?!'"

    – toneyo03

    19. "I met Rachel McAdams on the Thalys last month, when I was traveling with my kids from Paris to Amsterdam. I recognised her right away but didn't want to bother her and her boyfriend, also I was way too nervous! Right before we arrived in Amsterdam I decided to ask for an autograph and she signed my notebook and she was sooo sweet! So super friendly and adorable!"

    – judiths4c6a70e4a

    20. "My family and I met Daniel Radcliffe in a London hotel when we went out for a celebratory dinner. He was alone in the lobby, so we asked if we could join him, not expecting much. We ended up sitting with him for a good 20 minutes chatting and drinking with him. He raised his glass to my sister, who toasted Dumbledore. It was pretty much the best night of our lives."

    – zoeredhart

    21. "I work for an airline and my favourite ever celebrity encounter was with comedy legend John Cleese on a flight over to LA. After the service, John came into the galley for a drink and spent the next four hours talking to the crew, telling us stories, and had us in absolute stitches. He just doesn’t care what people think – most of the stories were at his own expense. He could not have been more cynical about his own experiences whilst simultaneously being an absolute gent. A true legend."

    – meaveling

    22. "My aunt was working at Bed, Bath and Beyond in LA and helped Julie Andrews pick out some towels. She was apparently just as regal in person and very nice."

    – stephborgman

    23. "I got to meet Ed Sheeran a couple years ago when he was promoting his first album in the US. We brought him a Lego set, because he likes making them before shows to calm his nerves. When the stage manager gave it to him he invited my friends and I backstage to thank us. He was super nice and genuine – he just hung out with us and talked. He was scheduled to only play three songs that night, but he stayed and played his entire album for us. He was the nicest guy!"

    – danikajoa

    24. "When Drew Barrymore released her book, she had a talk in DC and I attended with my mom. In the beginning, they gave out notecards for you to write a question that might be answered at the end. Being an insecure 17-year-old, I asked, 'What advice would you give to young women struggling with self-confidence?' At the very end, she answered a few questions, and the last one was mine. She gave a beautiful answer about blocking those toxic voices in your head and overcoming them. I was shaking in my seat.

    "She was signing books after the talk, and when it was my turn I told her I was the 17-year old. She literally stopped autographing, ushered her bodyguard away, and came around the table to give me a hug. She told me I was beautiful and couldn’t see why I would be insecure about myself. She was so sweet. I still think about it to this day when my confidence is low."

    – prucifer

    25. "Three years ago, I was at a World War One commemoration with my Guide unit. Kate Middleton and Prince William were there, but there was also a man no one really knew: Eddie Redmayne. He wasn’t very famous, and I had the guts to go talk to him and ask for a picture after the ceremony. He was very nice and chatted a bit with me – he really was a pure gentleman. We ended up snapping a picture, and a year later he was an Oscar winner and would become Newt Scamander!"

    – daeneryaddict99

    26. "On my 21st birthday, my roommates and I went to a book signing with Stephen Chbosky, the author of Perks of Being a Wallflower. When we got up to have our books signed, he asked how I was and I said, 'Great! It’s my 21st birthday today.' He said happy birthday, pulled out his wallet, and gave me $20. Then said, 'The first round is on me.' Best. Birthday. Ever."

    – chelseab4500bed25

    27. "I used to live in the village of Roslin where the final scene for The Da Vinci Code was filmed. On the last day of filming, everyone crowded around to see if we could get a glimpse of Tom Hanks leaving the set. Eventually a long, black limousine came up the country road and I was screaming with excitement. The window rolled down and Tom Hanks looked at me directly, smiled and waved, and said ‘Hello little girl! You have very pretty hair!’

    "My hair is red and I was relentlessly teased for it at school, so growing up whenever anyone would tease me for having red hair, I’d say ‘Well, Tom Hanks thinks it's nice!’"

    – cat479a78183

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