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    Rupert Grint Admitted He Just Watched "Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone" For The First Time And OMG What

    Weasley is our king.

    We're all familiar with actor Rupert Grint, correct??? You know, the gentleman who played THE Ronald Bilius Weasley?

    Well, Rupert recently stopped by BuzzFeed to compete with Harry Potter super-fans in our favorite new game — The Surprise Staring Contest — where he revealed that he'd only JUST watched the first Harry Potter movie:

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    He started with a truly competitive player who he really thought HAD HIM on the metaphorical ropes with her savage stare.

    Then, after the staring subsided, the conversation naturally turned to enjoying Harry Potter movie marathons.

    At first we all assumed he was being sarcastic, but we slowly realized the absolutely STUNNING truth: Rupert had never seen the entirety of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone.

    Um, excuse me???

    He went on to explain behind-the-scenes that, while he hates watching himself on film, he felt "far enough removed" from himself as an 11-year-old, thus he could now enjoy watching it.

    So yeah, Ron Weasley has only JUST seen his incredible conquering of Lord Voldemort, and we're pretty shook by it.