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64 Reasons Growing Up At Hogwarts Ruins You For Life

"The stories we love live in us forever." –J.K. Rowling

1. Because you’ll never forget the first time you saw it.

2. Because the journey there was one of the best parts.

3. Because everywhere you look is breathtaking.

4. Because you'll never tire of the Great Hall.

5. Because you lived for Dumbledore’s start of term speeches.

6. Because you met your best friends there.

7. Because they met you.

8. Because even the snacks were magical.

9. Because the spiral staircases are simply majestic.

10. Because other staircases don't compare.

11. Because no matter how much bigger you got, Hogwarts always seemed huge.

12. Because even the ghosts are friendly.

13. Because the classrooms were just as stunning as everything else.

14. Because walking between classes looked like this.

15. Because of the occasional troll in the dungeon.

16. Because Wood.

17. Because they insisted you keep pets.

18. Because Christmas really was the most wonderful time of the year.

19. Because baby dragons.

20. Because full size dragons.

21. Because the teachers were like family.

22. Because the post owl always hoots twice

23. Because miniature chess is boring compared to Hogwarts chess.

24. Because a Hippogriff flight is better than any rollercoaster.

25. Because Hogwarts was even more glorious from the air.

26. Because you were only ever moments away from views like this.

27. Because the stones skipped further.

28. Because laughing with your friends was everything.

29. Because there’s no better place on earth to be alone with your thoughts.

30. Because there was no better place for a snowball fight.

31. Because there's no cooler place to stand and watch the snow storm.

32. Because the support of your friends was the only luck you needed to do great things.

33. Because grey skies never looked so good.

34. Because there was never a bridge you wanted to cross more.

35. Because in third year you could start going to Hogsmeade.

36. Because Autumn brought joy to the most basic witches.

37. Because at Hogwarts they brought the stars to you.

38. Because life as third wheel was never awkward.

39. Because it was just as stunning at night.

40. Because the full moon is extra special at Hogwarts.

41. Because for a while in third year you could time travel.

42. Because even in the darkest hour, there was hope.

43. Because the wonder never ceased.

44. Because happiness was only ever a broom-ride away.

45. Because there is never a shortage of food.

46. Because even the hospital food was delicious.

47. Because a butterbeer moustache is still the best moustache.

48. Because it was the best place to go for a stroll.

49. Because there are secret rooms that appear when you need them.

50. Because you got to mingle with students from other schools.

51. Because show and tell was never dull.

52. Because your sexual awakening was a Bulgarian exchange student.

53. Because it's where you had your first dance.

54. Because it's where you had your first kiss.

55. Because it's where you first got drunk.

56. Because on Wednesdays you wore stripes.

57. Because you'll never have a clock this cool.

58. Because you've never felt as special just walking down the hall.

59. Because it was always a good time for quiet contemplation.

60. Because it's where you learned that friends are the best things in life.

61. Because it's where you learned that being different is good.

62. Because it's where you learned to stand up for yourself.

63. Because it's where you learned that every duckling becomes a swan.

64. And finally, because...

10 House Points if you know which films all these screencaps are from...