22 Very Important Questions Muggles Have For Wizards

    What you got under dem robes?

    1. Do British wizards and witches eat anything other than British food?

    2. Doesn't drinking pumpkin juice all the time give you the shits?

    3. Do you get paranoid about ghosts coming in the bathroom while you have a poo?

    4. Is it frowned upon to have a muggle job?

    5. Is rap a thing for you guys?

    6. How do you not lose your wands all the time?

    7. Don't your private parts get sore when you ride a broomstick?

    8. What happens to your brooms when you get pissed at the pub?

    9. Do you have a special cure for hangovers?

    10. Where do you go to get turnt up?


    11. Do you have national wizard holidays where you get time off work?

    12. Do you need a passport for international apparations?

    13. Don't your owls shit everywhere?

    14. Do mums give birth naturally or is there a spell for that?

    15. Do you use Veritaserum on your kids to find out if they've been up to anything bad?

    16. Do you still learn English and Maths at Hogwarts?

    17. Why isn't a ball point pen not good enough for you?

    18. Do you guys have stand up comedians?

    19. And gossip magazines?

    20. Who is your favourite celebrity muggle?

    21. When us muggles put something down and then can't find it two minutes later, is that your doing?

    22. Most importantly, what you got under dem robes?