32 Wholesome Stories That'll Make You Want To Meet The Harry Potter Cast

    How are they all so nice????

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their most wholesome stories about meeting the Harry Potter cast. Here's what they had to say...

    1. “I went to Leakycon in 2012 and met Evanna Lynch. Luna Lovegood is my favorite character from Harry Potter so this was huge for me. She was as sweet as I hoped she’d be. We hugged and I told her she was even more beautiful in person, and then she told me she loved my hair (it was blue at the time). Whenever I saw her the rest of the weekend, she always stopped to say 'hi'. I’ll never forget it!”


    2. "I met Rupert Grint at work. He had a hat and sunglasses on and he loked like he didn't want to be disturbed. I felt sooo bad but, being the biggest Harry Potter fan ever, I had to ask for a picture. He was so kind and lovely and happily obliged!"


    3. "I had the biggest crush on Tom Felton when I was growing up (tbh I still do). I even named my rabbit after him. Anyway, when I was 15-years-old, I went to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in London and I was quite near the front. I turned back to check where my cousin was and there, right before my eyes, was Tom Felton. I was speechless! I practically ran up to him, all red and embarrassed, and muttered something about being his biggest fan and asked for a picture. He was really sweet and posed happily alongside me and said he hoped I had a nice day. I walked away on Cloud Nine.”


    4. “I had the chance to meet Jason Isaacs with my friend. I was wearing a shirt that said, ‘also, I can kill you with my brain' (a Firefly reference) and he took one look at me and said, 'I love your shirt. I want my daughters to wear that shirt'. I almost cried.”


    5. “My sister met Tom Felton in 2011 when he came to Sydney for Supanova. He complimented her on her rainbow bobble hat, and my sister was kind enough to get an autograph on my behalf. He signed it ‘Draco’ with hearts on either side. It's so cute!”


    6. “When my daughter was 2-years-old she was attacked by a large dog. She still has a rather large scar on her cheek from the attack. When, aged 11, she did a meet and greet with Bonnie Wright at Phoenix Comic Con, Bonnie asked about the scar. My daughter told her the story and Bonnie was absolutely lovely about it and told her it looked awesome and that she was beautiful. My daughter has never felt self conscious about her scar and I'm so grateful that Bonnie was so kind to her. My daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan and this moment meant the world to her.”


    7. “I did a play with Julian Glover, who voices Aragog the spider. He was an absolute gem and often joked that he wasn't asked to do another Harry Potter film after Chamber of Secrets because the studio didn't think he had enough legs.”


    8. “For a while I was working at St. Elmo Steakhouse in Indianapolis as a server. One night the Phelps twins came in! They were absolute class acts, a true testament to the Weasley name!”


    9. “I've been a huge fan of Tom Felton for a while, and when the I got the chance to meet him at a Hot Topic in New Jersey before the NYC premiere of Half Blood Prince, I jumped on the opportunity. On top of being a fan of Tom's role as Draco Malfoy, I was also a huge fan of the song writing he did on the side. The turnout had been huge, and with so many people to meet, he was simply signing the promotional posters, and moving onto the next person. When it was finally my turn, as he was signing my poster, I plucked up the courage and told him how much I enjoyed the music he wrote. He had the biggest smile on his face, and very quickly took back the poster he had already signed, writing 'love' atop his name. I'll never forget the moment and despite the evil demeanor his character Draco holds, Tom Felton is honestly one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of meeting.”


    10. “I went to school with Harry Melling. He was lovely. We had GCSE Drama together and I was so nervous to say my ideas for skits and everyone talked over me except Harry. He calmly asked everyone to let me talk and told me my ideas were good and helped me develop them. Top lad.”


    11. “After a long struggle and a missed train from Paris to London, my friends and me were quickly rushed onto a random carriage on the next train. We ended up on a private car, which Warwick Davis and his family were riding. As he passed by, I asked whether it was him, and he said yes! He was extremely kind to me after I said we'd been walking all day and my feet were sore. He offered his signature on the back of my ticket, and even wrote 'Magic!' His whole family was so kind and genuine for the entire ride back to the city. It felt like a dream!”


    12. "They say don't meet your idols. Well, meet Rupert Grint, he's such a sweetie! I waited at the stage door when I saw him in a play on the West End and he was so nice. He took a picture, signed two things, asked how I was doing, made conversation, and stayed outside until he was called back in. Apparently he does this every show, both during intermission and after curtain.”


    13. “Just after the first Harry Potter movie came out, I was sitting in a cinema. My friend and I were super early to see The Fellowship of the Ring. There was just us and three other people in the whole cinema. They were in the row behind us. Turns out, one of them was Rupert Grint. The first Harry Potter movie had literally just come out, so we tried to test him by saying silly things like, 'Do you know Daniel Radcliffe?' Anyway, he was lovely, polite guy. He even asked us what we thought of the Fellowship after we had seen it. I’ve always remembered it.”


    14. “My friend and I met Tom Felton at a convention once. He said he liked my T Shirt (Slytherin, of course) when we took our picture together. And my friend and I even showed him our tattoos of his signature on our wrists. He was so shocked and hugged us and told us that he would make sure we didn't regret it. Bless him, he's so sweet.”


    15. “I've met a few cast members but Natalia Tena and Matthew Lewis stood out. I’ve met Nat twice and the second time I met her she remembered my name! I was in shock and kinda fangirled, but she understood where I was coming from and we chatted about music. Matthew was very sweet, and he was very lovely to my best friends at their first convention.”


    16. “At Wizard World Comic Con in Tulsa, I asked Tom Felton what his OTP from Harry Potter was. And then had to explain what an OTP was. He was super sweet about the whole thing, and I was on crutches so he asked what happened. The whole experience was great and he was ridiculously nice. He ended up choosing Drapple, btw.”


    17. “I went to the premiere of the seventh book at a museum in London. JK Rowling was there and she signed something for my best friend. Evanna Lynch was also there. She was one of the first to get the book and she just started jumping up and down when they handed it to her. It was adorable. Best night of my life.”

    – Anne Harbaugh, via Facebook

    18. “I'm a huge Shakespeare nerd so I was thrilled to find out that the Old Vic was doing a run of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Daniel Radcliffe did a meet and greet afterwards and I was genuinely blown away by meeting him. He clearly cares about his fans and spent a surprising amount of time with each person. My turn came around and as we were chatting about the play he automatically autographed my ticket. In true awkward Brit fashion, I apologised profusely about how I was actually going to ask him to sign a particular photo in the programme. With equal awkward Britishness, he apologised for not asking first and laughed that we were having ‘an apology-off’ before asking why I wanted him to sign that photo. I told him it's because, ‘I love a good consternation face’ and he sort of stared at me for a minute, pen hovering over the page, before bursting out laughing. He thought I'd called it his constipation face, and then joked ‘consternation and constipation faces: We've just summed up my entire career!’ He then offered up a selfie. All in all, he was genuinely lovely and engaging and made everyone feel truly appreciated.” – lauraw43


    19. “I was volunteering at my local Comic Con and James and Oliver Phelps were there! I was lucky enough to get to work with them for two days. They were super sweet and they had actual conversations with all the fans who came to their autograph table, which not all the guests do. On the second day they were there, they were on their way out of the main hall and there was a girl having a panic attack and they stopped to see if she was OK. They just seemed like genuinely nice people.”


    20. “I met Daniel Radcliffe in London when he was in the show Equus. The second time I met him I had cramp in my foot from waiting for so long outside the stage door. At one point I started hopping around trying to clear the cramp, and Daniel came over to make sure no one was stepping on my feet. He honestly was just such a sweetheart.”


    21. “I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. When was working on a popular talk show, I heard Daniel Radcliffe was coming in. I had never been so nervous in my LIFE, my heart was literally beating out of my chest. I was waiting backstage to catch my glimpse of The Boy Who Lived when our warm-up comedian spotted me and announced to the entire audience that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan who is obsessed with Daniel and that I have pictures of him all over my bedroom (for the record, I don't). Daniel heard ALL of this. He tried to diffuse the panic in my eyes by telling me he thought it was really cool that I am such a huge fan. We talked about the movies and I told him how much I loved the books (completely forgetting he has nothing to do with them because he's not actually Harry Potter). He then suggested we take a selfie, so we put our arms around each other like a couple of old times pals and took a pic. Then he had to go and we said our goodbyes (am I telling this like it's a love story?). I will never forget that moment. He was so nice, friendly, engaging, kind, he seemed like he genuinely wanted to talk to me.”


    22. “I once went to a Molotov Jukebox gig (Natalia Tena is the lead singer in the band.) It was my birthday and I was with my mum. Mum sat at one of the only tables at the back because she has bad hips and couldn't stand. Anyway, after the gig I go back to Mum and there's this man with her. Mum turns around and says, ‘Oh, I'd like to introduce you to Nat's dad.’ Turns out, they’d spent the gig chatting away, trying to take selfies, and exchanging embarrassing childhood stories about their daughters. My mother was exchanging embarrassing stories with Natalia Tena's father. The next week, I was at another one of their gigs so I went up to Natalia at the end to get an autograph and jokingly apologise for my mother harassing her father. She said her dad had a great time with mum and that he didn't mean to be rude for refusing to let my mum buy him a drink, he just doesn't drink. To this day it is probably top of the list of most bizarre things that have happened to me.”


    23. “My sister and I met James and Oliver Phelps in Toronto. They took one look at our red hair (hers was dyed red, but you couldn't tell) and exclaimed, 'Look! More Weasley sisters!' They shook our hands, told us how much they love Toronto (our home city) and we all bonded over being ginger. It was great, I still love thinking about it.”


    24. “When I was visiting my sister in New York City three years ago, we waited outside the the Cort Theater after a family friend had told us that Daniel Radcliffe came out the backstage door from his nightly performance of The Cripple of the Inishman’ We had tried to get our picture with him the night before, but didn't even come close to getting up front. The next night we came back and tried again and when Dan came out he was wearing a Detroit Red Wings shirt. Since we grew up in Northern Michigan, we started freaking out and saying ‘WE'RE FROM MICHIGAN!’ to get his attention and he came over to us. He was so sweet and really took the time to talk to, and get his picture with, so many fans of the play and the Harry Potter series, including my sister and me. Now we know that the boy who lived actually loves Detroit hockey... small world!”


    25. “I was walking in NYC down by Rockefeller and I saw Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe. My friend and I walked over and said 'hi'. They were so nice and said we were the only people to notice it was them. We stood there for like three minutes talking and honestly they were so awesome.”


    26. “I met Evanna Lynch and she said my freckles were really cute so my self confidence straight up BOOSTED.”


    27.Matthew Lewis visited Courtyard cafe in Leeds on several occasions. It is a social enterprise that provides adults with learning disabilities meaningful employment. It made everyone's day.”


    28. “When I was about ten-years-old, I was walking around NYC with my mom and I noticed someone who looked really familiar to me, so I said, ‘Mommy, I think that's Harry Potter.’ Turns out, it was Daniel Radcliffe and he heard what I said so he turned around and said to me, ‘Oh no you recognized me!’ I ended up asking him to do a spell like he did in his last movie. He said, ‘Actually, because I'm still under the trace I can't do any magic. But I can tell you that you look a lot like my friend Hermione." I smiled and hugged him and cried over it for about a week.”


    29.Evanna Lynch came to my university to do a talk and sign and take pictures and stuff. She is such a sweetheart and was super fun to talk to, and she sounds exactly like Luna which is awesome. She also stayed really, really late and missed a flight because there were so many people who wanted to take a picture and get something signed and she didn't want to turn any of us away. It was amazing.”


    30. “I was studying abroad in London, and I was at a pub near a theater where Rupert Grint was performing. I walked outside and he was standing all by himself, casually having a beer. I calmly (I think) walked up to him, apologized for bothering him, and asked for a photo. He was so nice about it, and when I told him how I've been a Harry Potter fan since I was eight-years-old he was so genuine about how appreciative he was for fans and being a part of something so special to so many people. I still can't believe it happened!”

    Hannah Hughes

    31. “I met Jessie Cave and Devon Murray at the Cardiff Comic Con. My favourite actor is Ralph Fiennes and I asked Devon what he's like in person and he spent 10 minutes talking to me about when they were filming the courtyard scene in the Hogwarts battle. Jessie's soo lovely as well and I told her that I thought she was brilliant in Great Expectations and she thanked me. I had a Tesco bag with me that had Lady and the Tramp on it. The attendant said she loved my bag and Jessie said she had the same one with Bambi on it!”


    32. “In 2007 my family decided to go on the most random vacation in upstate New York to go carp fishing. We drove all the way from Chattanooga to this tiny town called Waddington. My mother had informed me that our host, who owned these little cabins and trailers that visitors rented, told her that there would be a famous person there due to this Youth Carp Fishing Tournament so if we ran into them on our stay to just don't freak out and act normal. When my mother inquired as to who it was, the man replied Tom Felton. The Dealthy Hallows had just been released and I'd read it in its entirety on the long car ride up. So, full of all the feels, we arrive. This small family was so kind and welcoming, and their young daughter Caitlin took a shine to me and started telling me all about her friend Tom that would be arriving that evening. Caitlin's parents told us about how she was born with life-threatening cancer, and it's a miracle she made it. Later that evening, she introduced me to Draco freaking Malfoy! He gave me a hug, kissed both my cheeks, said it was nice to meet me, and that was that. Later that week, we all sat around the fire as Tom played guitar. It was such a unique experience that I am glad I can remember so vividly. Oh, and he signed my Deathly Hallows book.”

    – Alex Satterfield, via Facebook

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