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You Need To See These Photos Of Rupert Grint Meeting The New Ron

Be still my fangirl heart.

Harry Potter fans the world over exploded with feelings last month when Emma Watson attended a performance of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and two perfect Hermiones were united.

It was SO lovely to meet you @MissDumezweni. #Hermiones


But get ready for your heart to explode again, because yesterday Rupert Grint saw the play and met his West End counterpart, and the photos are the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Rupert Grint and @paulfthornley meet after the #CursedChild this evening. #KeepTheSecrets

Look at them here, having a super-exciting conversation, probably about joke shops and being a really loyal friend!! 😭😭😭

.@paulfthornley meets Rupert Grint after the #CursedChild performance this evening. #KeepTheSecrets

Oh and here he is with the rest of the cast and I'M SO EMOTIONAL.

Rupert Grint met the cast of the #CursedChild this evening at the Palace Theatre. #KeepTheSecrets

Be still my fangirl heart. 😭

Now all we need is for Daniel Radcliffe to show up... ⚡️