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    Rupert Grint Gets Confused With Ed Sheeran So Much, He Now Just Plays Along

    Not all redheads look alike, people! (But they do.)

    Rupert Grint (aka Not Ed Sheeran) stopped by The Late Late Show With James Corden and revealed that people think he's Ed Sheeran just as much as people think he's Rupert:

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    When asked about the similarities, Not Ed Sheeran said, "It's kinda 50/50 now. It's like if someone stops me, it could go either way. I could be Ed or I could be me."

    And it's not just the everyday folk who are confusing the famous pair — British singer Leo Sayer even got the two confused! Naturally, Not Ed Sheeran just played along with the mistake:

    Well, it surely doesn't help that Rupert starred in one of the singer's music videos.

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