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Rupert Grint Is A Heartless Bastard Who Thinks Ron And Hermione Broke Up

Now who needs to sort out their priorities?

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But in an interview with Huffington Post over the weekend, he said something that has deeply offended us: He thinks Ron and Hermione wouldn't have lasted as a couple.

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When Rupert was asked what he thought the future had in store for Ron, he said, "I would expect Ron has probably divorced Hermione already. I don’t think that relationship would have done very well."


Meanwhile Matt Lewis, aka Neville Longbottom, thought that Neville would have taken Ron's side in the divorce: "Maybe he's trying to get Ron a job, man. And he keeps throwing it back in his face, like, 'I don't need your help, Neville; Jesus, just leave it.' Yeah, Neville and Hermione don't see eye to eye because I've taken Ron's side in the relationship, obviously."