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Super Bowl

Super Bowl

Honestly, Chris Martin Was The Best Thing About The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Beyoncé was fantastic, but Coldplay was good too!

29 Increíbles comerciales del Super Bowl 50 que te volarán la cabeza

Celebridades, superhéroes, sexo y muchos perritos.

These Are The 19 Funniest Reactions To The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Pretty much a Beyoncé concert interrupted by a football game.

Beyoncé Comes For Your Last Remaining Wig, Announces World Tour

Pre-sale for the Formation World Tour starts Tuesday February 9.

Beyoncé Paid Homage To Michael Jackson At The Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Queen of Pop showed her love for the King of Pop.

People Watching The Super Bowl Are Thirsty For The Hot Ref

"IDK much about football but the ref is hot." — 90% of Americans, probably

Never Forget That The New Kids On The Block Changed Super Bowl Halftime As We Know It

The year was 1991. The theme? It's a Small World. Super Bowl Halftime shows would never be the same.

Here Are All The Super Bowl Commercials People Will Be Talking About

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen campaign for Bud Light, Drake blings for T-Mobile, Steven Tyler sings for Skittles — plus, constipation AND diarrhea!

How To Fake Your Way Through The Super Bowl

Don't let a lack of football knowledge stand in the way of an excuse to excessively drink and eat. Here are some tips to get the most out of Super Bowl Sunday!

We Got Drunk And Made Ourselves Super Bowl Trophies

Not everyone will win a trophy this Sunday, but you can certainly make one.

13 Ways To Prove You're Way More Interesting Than The Stupid Super Bowl

Prove that the world doesn't revolve around football. It revolves around you.

15 Super Bowl Snacks Worth Feasting On

Game day eats FTW. (With videos!)

For Everyone Who Is Excited About The Super Bowl Because Of The Food

You're having a party? Will there be a spread?

15 Next-Level Buffalo Snacks For Your Superbowl Party

And the winning team is....Buffalo sauce. Always.

Watch This Impressive Time Lapse Of The Super Bowl Halftime Show

A lot happens on the field during those Super Bowl commercials.

18 Things The Left Shark Is Totally Thinking

"I think I left the oven on."

No, A Twitter Account Did Not Predict The Final Score Of The Super Bowl

The latest bullshit "sports are rigged" Twitter phenomenon is as fake as the rest.

13 Movie Trailers That Debuted On Super Bowl Sunday, Ranked From Worst To Best

From Jurassic World to Insurgent, 13 trailers premiered throughout the day of Super Bowl XLIX, but which one scored the biggest touchdown?

Here's What Twitter Thought About Katy Perry's Halftime Show

There weren't enough of the dancing sharks or Missy Elliott.

These Celebs Had So Much Fun At The Super Bowl

While you mere mortals were watching the game at home, these stars were enjoying the game from the stands.

Some People Don't Know Who Missy Elliott Is

You don't know who Missy is? That's like asking, "WHO IS FOOTBALL?"

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