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These Are The 19 Funniest Reactions To The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Pretty much a Beyoncé concert interrupted by a football game.

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So this year Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé brought the house down during the Super Bowl halftime show. This unique combination of superstars caused the internet to react appropriately.

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1. Naturally, there were some Coldplay jokes, like this ode to their song "Yellow."

Look at the sun. Look how it shines. But don’t look for too long, or it’ll all be yellow. #Halftime #HalftimeShow

2. Puns galore.

omg YESSS i see what u did there coldplay 😻😻😻

3. And a puppy monkey baby suggestion.

I think Coldplay would be better with a new singer. #puppymonkeybaby #SB50

4. There was also a high-profile case of mistaken identity.

Why did Taraji just kill me on Instagram? 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

5. Throughout the performance musical comparisons were made.

when someone says bruno mars is better than coldplay

6. And outfits were critiqued.

Bruno Mars lookin like a trash bag 😂

7. #NotAllTrashBags

8. Famous faces were spotted in the crowd.

we just gonna skip the fact that the old man from Up came to the halftime performance

Naturally, Beyoncé tore it up.


9. Truly a star of the show.

10. Yup.

Remind me who rescued this halftime show

11. She also announced her upcoming world tour after the show, which has people already setting aside money for it.

The lawd will make a way some how... #WontHeDoIt via @iamgwoods #SB50 #CamNewton #Beyonce #Formation


Tickets go on sale on my Pay Day!!!

13. Kodak moments were also captured.

Beyoncé is not going to be pleased when she realizes this will be her lasting image at #SB50

14. Homage was paid to previous performers.

Chris Martin was the Left Shark of this year's halftime show

15. Poor Left Shark.

Left shark is just waiting for the halftime show. #SB50

16. But the best comparison was to the King of Pop himself.

Michael Jackson 1993 vs. Beyoncé, Bruno Mars & Coldplay 2016 🏈🔥 #SB50

17. Some people preferred other shows.

Still the greatest halftime show of all time #SB50

18. It certainly was worth the wait.

waiting for @Beyonce and the halftime show like... #SB50

19. Truly a show to remember.

Beyoncé dressed like Michael Jackson. Bruno Mars dressed like Psy. Other guy is dressed like the guy in Coldplay.

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