A Lot Of People Were Shocked That Lady Gaga Can “Sing Like That”

Blowing minds left and right.

1. Lady Gaga just blew everyone away with her soaring rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

2. Even though she already slayed onstage at the Oscars last year…

3. …and as a classically trained singer, she’s long been known for her powerful voice.

4. But still, tons of people who watched the Super Bowl were shocked that Gaga packs such powerful pipes.

Wow. I wish Lady Gaga would sing like that more often. What a beautiful voice..

— Jessie Owens (@Jessie24Owens)

Lady Gaga can sing like THAT?! Who would have thought... #SB50 #stunning

— Dani (@DaniVMeyer)

I can't believe how good that @ladygaga performance was. Can we just have Lady Gaga sing like that every 6 months? #SuperBowl

— Kata ._.* (@KSophia_Garment)

Never would've thought lady gaga could sing like that.

— Jäzzy (@Jvzlxxn__)

I did not know Lady Gaga can sing like that...... 😳

— B.B Gunz (@BryanVsBracey)

Since when could lady gaga sing like that wtf

— Josh (@Uche_Josh20)

First of all, who knew Lady Gaga could sing like that. I'll be honest. I didn't know.

— RLaB (@djsumma)

didn't know lady gaga could sing like that 😳

— ✞ (@pinkpink_97)

14. But of course, there were the people who knew all along.

Me tonight after the National Anthem when people I've known for years say "who knew Lady Gaga could sing like that?"

— Kerrioncé (@Kerrionce)

Can't wait to see all the "I never knew Lady Gaga could sing like that!!!" tweets after the anthem. One of the best voices out there

— Bryant (@redsoxfan426)

RT if you've known Lady Gaga could sing like that for years Like if you just found out while she sang the anthem

— Cece | Lady Gaga (@CantReadMyJudas)

"Wow omg i never knew lady gaga could sing like that"

— ¡cj! (@grewv_)

18. If you didn’t believe in the power of Gaga, NOW YOU DO.

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images


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