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Katy Perry's Halftime Show Was Basically "The Hunger Games"

The odds were ever in her favor!

So by now, you're probably recovering from Katy Perry's EPIC halftime show performance. But it seemed kind of...familiar, didn't it?

Oh, right. This is The Hunger Games!!!

So Katy, sorry, Katy-niss Everdeen entered the arena like a TRUE tribute.

She had to watch out for the soldiers from the Capitol.

Then, Cinna showed up. You know, just to make sure she was looking HOT.

Yup, she's the Girl on Fire.

Looking good, Katy-niss.

Of course, Effie Trinket was there to cheer her on.

George RR Martin is within 25 feet of this photo. #SuperBowlXLIX

Elizabeth Banks@ElizabethBanksFollow

George RR Martin is within 25 feet of this photo. #SuperBowlXLIX

4:44 PM - 01 Feb 15ReplyRetweetFavorite

Luckily, Katy-niss was wearing her swimwear, because she was about to get wet in the arena...

...and lucky for her, she had some backup from soldiers previously thought lost to the destruction of time and the Capitol.

*whistles the Mockingjay call, makes the three-finger salute*

May the odds be ever in Katy-niss' favor!