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Katy Perry Just Silenced The Haters With Her Super Bowl Halftime Show

She roared so loud no one could deny her.

How was Katy Perry's halftime show, you're wondering? Well. She came out on a damn golden lion.

And immediately the haters were like "Oh, damn. She's on a 40-foot-tall golden lion."

Because OMG!

She then sang "Dark Horse" on a chess board.

Katy cozied up to Lenny Kravitz to perform "I Kissed a Girl."

Then Katy changed outfits and moods, and brightened up our screens with a sunny version of "Teenage Dream" and "California Girls."

There were beach balls and surf boards and palm trees and sharks and at this point the haters were seriously doubting themselves.

And then Katy brought out Missy Elliott to do three songs: "Get Ur Freak On," "Work It," and "Lose Control."

Katy took a backseat for Missy's big comeback, basically playing the role of hype man.

Missy and KP did the "Get Ur Freak On" dance!

And, after slaying all haters and bringing back Missy Elliott for her first public appearance/performance in years, Katy ascended into Heaven.

She then flew across University of Phoenix Stadium on the NBC "More You Know" public service announcement star, burning up all the haters.

Great job, Katy!

Watch Katy Perry's Halftime Super Bowl performance, sponsored by Pepsi, in full here:

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