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People Watching The Super Bowl Are Thirsty For The Hot Ref

"IDK much about football but the ref is hot." — 90% of Americans, probably

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This is Clete Blakeman, the referee for Super Bowl 50, and a lot of people think he's the bee's knees.

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Folks have taken to Twitter to proclaim their feelings of attraction toward the #HotRef.

And like, can you blame them? His face is a sight* to behold!

He's really, really handsome.*
Twitter / Via Twitter: @AudioDrPhillips

He's really, really handsome.*

Oh my, Clete, what strong arms you have.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @TipsyGayGuy

And he low-key resembles John Cena, which pretty much solidifies how bae he is.

So cool they let John Cena ref Super Bowl 50


Idk nothing about the Super Bowl but the ref is hot.

Wouldn't you want to see Mr. Blakeman in a sizzling-hot calendar spread?

Where can I order a #Cleteblakeman calendar??

::raises hands::

Okay raise your hand if you think the ref is hot 🙋🏻 #SuperBowlSunday

::Listens intently to every word spoken from Clete's sure-to-be-beautiful voice::

Bob Levey / Getty Images

::Runs dramatically into Clete's loving arms::

Al Messerschmidt / Getty Images

BRB, going to take a cold shower. 💦

Spyglass Entertainment / Via

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