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The Carolina Panthers Mascot Is Absolutely Purrfect

Put him on my team right meow.

Look, stop whatever it is you're doing and check out the Carolina Panthers' mascot.

Brian A. Westerholt / Getty Images

First of all, his name is SIR PURR, which is beautiful.

He's a panther, complete with whiskers and a tail.

And he's got the kind of purrfect energy that just really gets you excited about a game, ya know?

Mary Ann Chastain / Getty Images

Sir Purr is ah-meowzing at selfies.

Kills it with his dabbing game.

And quite honestly is, dare I say, the real reason we'll be watching Super Bowl 50.

Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

Thank you, Sir Purr, for being a national treasure.

Three cheers for purrfection!

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