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This Is What Happens When Men Try On Women's Football Apparel

Luckily, they had the balls to do it.

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It's Super Bowl weekend, so BuzzFeed felt there was only one way to properly celebrate.

We wanted to put guys in the position of having to wear some of the types of football fan apparel that women are expected to buy and like to wear, and see how it made them feel about themselves.

Macey J Foronda / BuzzFeed

Everything was a size medium, and our four models — Javi, Sam, Christian, and Alex — range in height from 5'9" to 6'1".

The Seattle Seahawks "College Navy Pylon Halter Top"

Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed
Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed
Macey Forona for BuzzFeed
Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed

Javi: I feel more exposed now than when I am just in my underwear. This thing is so frustrating, like if you want to pull it down, you end up exposing your nipples. You can't win.

Sam: I think if you are eating stadium food, this is gonna make you feel so bloated. This feels like someone just smacked a sports logo on a fashion item. I feel more focused on looking cute.

Christian: If I'm going to a football game in this outfit, I'm not eating any hot dogs. This would not be something that is comfortable to watch sports in.

Alex: I can't see what this looks like but I am horrified by the idea of it. This is not meant for people with hair anywhere near them. How would anyone not just feel like, "whoops, I'm about to fall out?" all the time in this.

The San Francisco 49ers "White Half Time Show Long Sleeve T-Shirt"

Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed
Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed
Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed
Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed

Javi: Why does the neck hole need to be so big? It's good sports attire, but these sequins are totally unnecessary.

Sam: You could exfoliate with these sequined sleeves. I feel like one of Liberace's gay lovers. Also, it takes like 3 people to take this off. But besides the scratches from the sequins, this is actually kind of comfy.

Christian: This shirt hurts! The bedazzles scratch you. But these sleeves are such weapons, it's like, "don't make me scratch you with my shirt."

Alex: For the most part, this shirt is actually really simple and really cool. Kinda retro. But then it also has Liza Minelli arms that are way too tight. This shirt was totally Frankenstein-ed together.

The Chicago Bears "Jay Cutler Pink Draft Him Shimmer V-Neck T-Shirt"

Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed
Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed
Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed
Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed

Javi: The Bears aren't pink, I don't see why this is pink. I actually feel so angry wearing this, like I can't do anything because I feel like I am pouring out of everything.

Sam: This is a 10 in comfort and a negative 10 in style. This looks almost as bad as Jay Cutler is a quarterback. This is hitting you over the head with the fact that it's meant to be worn by a woman.

Christian: This is something the Pink Power Ranger would wear to a football game.

Alex: The pink is terrible… but it fits a lot better than I thought this would. Also, while this stitching on top makes sense conceptually — stitching, like a football! — it looks pretty heinous.

The New England Patriots "Navy Blue Game Changer Tube Dress"

Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed
Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed
Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed
Macey Forona for BuzzFeed

Javi: This doesn't have straps?! I feel like I'm on display. I've never felt like I had boobs in my life until this. I feel exposed.

Sam: To me, this just doesn't seem comfortable. I don't have boobs and I've had a nip slip every two seconds. This isn't overly girly, but I don't find this to be utilitarian at all. What if beer gets spilled on me?

Christian: The skirt on this dress is shaped like a mullet. I almost feel naked.

Alex: I feel like all the blood flow is leaving my body. But if it didn't have the built-in bra, it would be my house dress.

How did wearing this stuff make you feel?

Javi: I consider myself skinny, but I felt so exposed.

Sam: So impractical. These felt like [whoever made this was] blaring "I'M A FEMALE SPORTS FAN." My brain immediately made me feel like I need to be cute.

Christian: It made me a lot more self-conscious, especially the halter top! I don't have much to suck in, but I felt like I had to when I was wearing most of the clothing.

Alex: I felt like a zoo animal, like everything was more readily being presented to the world and like you could never be "sculpted" or "fit" enough to really feel good or confident wearing any of it.

Were you surprised by any of this?

Javi: This is not what I expected at all. This stuff feels uncomfortable, and doesn't seem like it would be conducive to having fun watching sports. With all the things I wear, comfort is a priority. This seems like the opposite.

Sam: I guess this is what the NFL thinks women want? They're hyper-feminine, and scream out "Hey, I'm a FEMALE sports fan emphasis on FEMALE, because you should never forget that I am a FEMALE while I cheer on my team." The fit is what really was surprising to me. Football games involve a lot of eating, drinking, cheering, and braving the elements — and a tube dress isn't really what comes to mind as the top choice to wear to such an event. These outfits just didn't seem practical! And that's what really got me.

Christian: No, this seems very overboard. I don't know who they're targeting. They're trying really hard to make it appeal to girls.

Alex: I wasn't actually surprised! I feel like people have been beating the drum about things like the inanity of all women's sports fan merch being pink for awhile, but I can't imagine the NFL (or any major sports league) seeing that as an issue, let alone a priority.

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