Katy Perry’s Sharks Were The Best Part Of The Super Bowl

The Katy Perry sharks are all of us.

Everyone agrees: Katy Perry’s dancing sharks were definitely the best part of the Super Bowl halftime show:

They were perfect and great and had the best dance moves on the planet.

1. People have already started making fan art:

But these amazing sharks are also the perfect reaction faces for any situation:

2. When you show up, and there’s free food:

NBC / Via

3. When you walk into a bar and see your ex:

4. When a jerk says something dumb, and you know they’re about to get their butt handed to them:

TIMOTHY A. CLARY / Getty Images

5. When someone hot catches you dancing stupidly:

6. When you came out here to have a good time, and you’re honestly feeling so attacked right now:

7. When you realize that you’ve accidentally had one drink too many:

Via TIMOTHY A. CLARY / Getty Images

8. No matter who you are, Katy Perry’s sharks just get you.

Change of career goals. When I grow up I want to be a Katy Perry shark.

— Stacey Scott (@realslimstace88)

9. We are all dancing sharks in the sea of life.


Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed / Via

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