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The Second "Jurassic World" Trailer Reveals A Scary New Dinosaur

"Think it'll scare the kids?" "This will give the parents nightmares."

A brand-new minute-long trailer for Jurassic World premiered during Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday!

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There were several shots that were seen in the first Jurassic World trailer, including that massive shark-eating dinosaur, which still looks amazing.

Actually, it looks even more amazing than it did before.

Holy crap, you can't say they haven't updated the CGI, LOOK at this comparison I just made: #JurassicWorld #SuperBowl

Sick Triceratops@SickTriceratopzFollow

Holy crap, you can't say they haven't updated the CGI, LOOK at this comparison I just made: #JurassicWorld #SuperBowl

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The trailer still manages to pack in a lot of new first looks at dinosaurs — like these stampeding Stegosauruses.

Universal Pictures / Via

Look at them stampeding. So cute!

And this sick…Apatosaurus? (I'm going to go with that.)

Universal Pictures / Via

Awww, so sad.

And these…swarming Pterodactyls? (At least some of them look like Pterodactyls.)

Universal Pictures / Via

Hmm. That doesn't look good.

Nope! Not good at all!

Universal Pictures / Via

Bad flying dinosaur! You put that nice woman down!

And here is Chris Pratt...taming some Velociraptors?

Universal Pictures / Via

So he's a raptor whisperer, then? OK!

But the dinosaur with the most screen time is the film's brand-new creation — Indominus rex.

Universal Pictures / Via

It's a genetic hybrid, invented by the screenwriters for scientists in the movie, who apparently have learned nothing.

The Indominus rex scoops up people like they're popcorn.

Universal Pictures / Via

Let that be a lesson for everyone: Never run behind the leading man when being chased by a giant dinosaur that's too big for the frame.

And it clearly has a thing for Chris Pratt's raptor whisperer.

Universal Pictures / Via

"Whisper to me!" the Indominus rex is probably not trying to say.

This new dino DNGAF about the giant gun pointed at its giant tongue.

Universal Pictures / Via

"I eat bullets for breakfast," the Indominus rex is definitely trying to say.

So while these kids may think they're safe inside their pretty clear plastic sphere…

Universal Pictures / Via

…they most certainly are not.

Universal Pictures / Via

Overall, while the plot seems pretty simple — we made a new dinosaur, it was a bad idea, a lot of people get eaten — the dinosaurs seem pretty scary. And that is the entire point of a Jurassic movie.

Jurassic World is scheduled to open on June 12, 2015.

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