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Everyone Thinks Chris Martin Is This Year's Left Shark

Poor guy just couldn't keep up.

Wow. What a halftime show. Beyoncé and Bruno Mars absolutely slayed.

Wait, we're forgetting someone, right? Oh, right.

Face it, guys. Chris Martin was the Left Shark of this year's Super Bowl halftime show.

Chris Martin was the Left Shark of this year's halftime show

We all remember Left Shark, right? The poor backup dancer last year who was just trying his darndest.


Well, when Chris joined Beyoncé and Bruno at the end of Sunday's show, it was painfully obvious he was desperately trying to keep up.

Look at him go!

He looked grateful to be there, tbh.

Even Chris Martin can't believe he's allowed to perform with Beyoncé #SB50

Like, reaaaaaaaallly grateful.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation outdid themselves with Chris Martin. He'll never forget that.

He was out of place.

Chris Martin kind of looks like the guy who sings with the band at his own wedding.

Luckily he had someone there to help him out.

I like how Beyoncé kept a hand on Chris Martin's shoulder the whole time bc she knew he was about to pass out and needed her support

And help get him into the "club."

The theme of that performance was "Chris Martin's friends get him into a club." #SB50

But even in the club, poor Chris was outshone...

Chris Martin shows up to the Beyoncé-Bruno Mars duet like a math teacher to the club

He just didn't know what to say.

"Hey guys. It's me, Chris Martin! ALL lives matter!"

Something just smelled off...

Chris Martin is a dish u send back to the chef

Even Anna Kendrick agreed:

Even Chris Martin is like, what am I doing here?

FINAL PIECE OF EVIDENCE: Left Shark himself was watching the show and looked mighty jealous of the man who has replaced him.