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19 Cutest Kids Of The Super Bowl

These little ones are ready for some FOOTBALLLLLL.

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1. This little nacho and Seahawks enthusiast.

2. The glittery lover of all things Patriots.

3. This big guy who's ready to score a TOUCHDOWN.

4. This guy who put money on Tom Brady.

5. The happiest (and coziest) Seahawks fan EVER.

6. The world's peppiest Patriots fan.

7. The Seahawks fan who's surrounded by good people.

8. The Patriot who's been waiting on the couch all day.

9. A little Seahawk who's ready for some FOOTBALL.

10. These two, who are shocked that the Super Bowl came this soon.

11. This future champ in the making.

12. This kiddo, who's so excited for his first Super Bowl that he passed out.

13. The Queen of New England.

14. The kid who can't put his finger on his favorite player, but IS rooting for the Seahawks.

15. The champ who can't peel his eyes away from the game.

16. And the King of Seahawks (and PJs).

17. The big guy who's so nervous he needs someone to hold him.

19. This future lineback in the making.

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