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Jimmy Fallon's Puppies Predicted The Broncos Will Win The Super Bowl

The Puppy Predictors are back!

Just days away from Super Bowl 50, it was time for Jimmy Fallon to bring out his Puppy Predictors.

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The nine puppies — Brad, Kyle, Mary, Ted, Donna, Peter, Roger, Lisa, and Gary — had one task and one task only: predict the winner of Super Bowl 50.

With two bowls of kibble laid out before them, the puppies had to choose between the Carolina Panthers' bowl and the Denver Broncos' bowl.

At last, the puppy panel made their way towards the kibble.

It wasn't very long before they made a decision...

...and predicted the Denver Broncos will take home the trophy this upcoming Sunday!

Congrats, Broncos!

However, the Panthers deserve to know that a few of the puppies switched allegiance after Jimmy declared the winner. AND, to be fair, they have gotten it wrong in the past.

Whether they're right or wrong they're still SO CUTE.