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Posted on 3 Feb 2015

Watch This Impressive Time Lapse Of The Super Bowl Halftime Show

A lot happens on the field during those Super Bowl commercials.

YouTuber DorkTech has uploaded a time lapse of the halftime show at this year's Super Bowl and it's pretty impressive.

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Once it was halftime, the players left the field and the stage crew ran in to set up.

And boy did that stage go up fast!

This was all seen off camera, so it was a big surprise for the people at home.

It was now time for Katy Perry to take to the stage.

And she killed it!

Following the performance, the crew came straight back in to clear the field.

There was no time to muck around, it's live TV!

And it was all broken down just in time for the players to come back on the field for the second half.

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