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9 People Pose Nude To Show What Body Diversity Really Looks Like

"There are still so many people out there who believe they don't deserve to love themselves unless they look a certain way." (NSFW, obviously.)

15 Impossible "Would You Rather" Questions For Ice Cream Lovers

Does your love of ice cream push boundaries?

16 Times Fast Food Needed To Be Stopped In 2016

Who even asked for a Kit Kat quesadilla??

Watching This Cyst Getting Popped Is Truly Mesmerizing

WARNING: This is not for everyone.

25 Bathroom Secrets Guaranteed To Gross You Out

“Sometimes I have trouble with bowel movements, so at times I have to reach ~up there~ and pull them out.”

McDonald's Now Has A Nutella Burger, Because We Need Something Good For A Change

Don't freak out, there's no meat in it — just yummy, gooey Nutella.

17 Of The Worst Horror Stories About Male Roommates

A sink should be for washing your hands, and NOTHING ELSE, PEOPLE.

Kendall Jenner Gave An Incredibly Open Interview To "Vogue"

And other things we learned about Kendall in her Vogue interview.

21 Things Trump Supporters Want Their Haters To Know

We asked Trump supporters to write down a misconception about them and here's what happened.

19 Times Fast Food Went Too Fucking Far

Please send help FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

19 Moments Of Pain Everyone With Fake Nails Will Recognize

"Sorry, you have to hand me the change. I can't pick it up."

Holy Shit, The New Minnesota State Fair Foods Are Something Else

Start stretching your stomach now — the Minnesota State Fair just announced its new foods for 2016, and they're nuts.

22 Horrors Every Hairy Girl Has Suffered Through

You're not alone in the fight against body hair.

Can You Make It Through These Pimple-Popping Videos Without Throwing Up?


Justin Bieber Has Said Goodbye To His Dreadlocks

Say hello to Buzz Cut Justin.

This Pregnant Pole Dancer’s Pole Routine Is Jaw-Droppingly Badass

Nothing wrong with a little (baby) bump and grind.

We Need To Talk About How Crazy-Good Chili’s Is

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...

22 Shocking Secrets Heidi Montag Told Us About "The Hills"

"The last time I spoke to Lauren was a few years ago. We kind of were talking a little and then we both were kind of like, 'We're not friends.' It's kind of awkward."

Kanye’s Album Is Finally Out And Here’s How You Can Listen

After many delays, The Life of Pablo finally dropped early Sunday morning.

This Lasagna Is Made From Dreams And Taco Bell

Except for the poops that will happen after. Lots of poops.

17 Dishes That Prove Japanese Food Is Totally Fucking Insane

Green tea chocolate strawberries?! あなたを愛してます Japan!

This Viral Photo Of A Baby With Its Placenta Sheds Light On Different Birth Rituals

"Maori tradition of returning the placenta to the earth is a beautiful way of honoring the placenta that gave us life."

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