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Updated on Sep 24, 2018. Posted on Nov 3, 2015

27 Messed-Up Things People Actually Ate As Children

There's a whole lot of animal food fans out there.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some of the strangest eating habits they had as children. Here are some of the best responses!


Flickr: theyoungthousands / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

Submitted by Alisha Cogdell, Facebook

2. "Cold hot dogs straight out of the package and with no bun or ketchup."

Submitted by Mariah Masell, Facebook

3. "I ate the cupcake wrappers whenever I had a cupcake because it tasted good."

Submitted by luciec430dd0fd8

4. "I would put pepper in my Dr. Pepper because I thought that's what you were supposed to do."

Submitted by Lili Kiser Catlett, Facebook


Flickr: zamber / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

Submitted by Jennifer Scott, Facebook

6. "Mayonnaise on toast."

Submitted by Lëah Davies, Facebook

7. "Every time I had a donut I stated that I didn't like the "donut hole", so I proceeded to leave all the edge around it for somebody else to eat."

Submitted by Diana Hay , Facebook

8. "I used to eat butter out of the container like it was ice cream."

Submitted by Bria Day, Facebook


Flickr: slice / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

Submitted by Steph Schreier, Facebook

10. "When I was a kid I enjoyed chocolate sauce and tuna sandwiches!"

Submitted by Mike Kimball, Facebook

11. "I used to eat Kit Kat sandwiches."

Submitted by annac4865da46f

12. "The only one that stands out to me is I used to eat dried dog biscuits."

Submitted by Charlotte Badiali, Facebook


Flickr: lithoglyphic / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

Submitted by haleymichelled

14. "Drinking glasses of vinegar or juiced lemons. My grandmother liked doing it as a child too!"

Submitted by Felicity VT, Facebook

15. "Mashed-up bananas with sugar in sandwiches."

Submitted by Cassandra Jane Acker, Facebook

16. "Warm tomato ketchup sandwiches. I would microwave the bread for 11 seconds exactly."

Submitted by Emma Jane Davies, Facebook


Flickr: moominmolly / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

Submitted by Molly Andersen, Facebook

18. "My dad used to make awesome shortbread cookies and I loved dipping them in orange juice. So good."

Submitted by Sydney Riggs, Facebook

19. Drinking maple syrup from the bottle. This is not because I am Canadian, it is because maple syrup is fucking delicious."

Submitted by Kat Menon, Facebook

20. "Oh, and I ate frozen peas, straight from the freezer bag. I preferred them to cooked peas."

Submitted by nocomment


Flickr: mr_t_in_dc / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

Submitted by kaciem412021258

22. "My and my sister used to eat uncooked pasta on its own, as a snack usually."

Submitted by emilyrosexx

23. "I used to eat rice sandwiches. Slice of bread, white rice, mayo, slice of bread. Sounds disgusting now."

Submitted by Milo Barki, Facebook

24. "Pancakes with mayonnaise, ketchup and cheese!"

Submitted by Daniel Negrijn, Facebook


Flickr: 97335141@N00 / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

Submitted by Jenna Greenwood, Facebook

26. "I used to eat instant oatmeal dry."

Submitted by oliviab4af946452

27. "I did, and still do, mix all my food together and call it Gushy Pie."

Submitted by Jennifer Reed, Facebook

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