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Jul 30, 2015

You Might Not Want To Pay Extra For Guac, 'Cause Some Batches Of Cilantro May Contain Human Poop

Holy cacamole!

Ever had some guacamole that's, well, kind of shitty? Turns out, it may be more crappy than you realize, with public health officials warning of cilantro (a key ingredient in guacamole) that has been found to be tainted with human feces.

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The Food and Drug Adminstration recently issued an alert regarding cilantro from the state of Puebla, Mexico, that has been linked to an outbreak of cyclosporiasis in the U.S.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cyclosporiasis is an illness caused by the microscopic parasite Cyclospora cayetanensisis, and it's spread by ingesting food or water contaminated with feces.

They go on to say that the illness infects the small intestine and can cause watery diarrhea, with frequent, sometimes explosive, bowel movements.


The FDA believes that the outbreaks are not isolated, because they tend to reoccur.

Sources of contamination, according to the FDA, may include:

"Fecal contamination of growing areas, irrigation of fields with water contaminated with sewage, cleaning or cooling produce with contaminated water, and/or poor hygienic practices of workers that harvest and process the produce, and lack of adequate cleaning and sanitizing of equipment that comes in contact with the product."

Looks like the people who already think cilantro tastes like crap may have a point.

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