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There's An Instagram Account That Collects The Worst Photos Of Food Ever Instagrammed

Not all Instagram food looks delicious...or even edible.

The intrepid geniuses behind Cooking For Bae collect "regrams" of the worst food photos on Instagram.

They describe themselves as being dedicated to struggle plates and inedible cuisine.

This is supposed to be shepherd's pie, by the way.

And this is a SpaghettiOs brunch. Which actually sounds great, to be honest.

The struggle is very real in this pizza.

Not all of the photos on Cooking For Bae are super awful. Some show wonderful innovation, like this homemade Pop-Tart.

Or these people who decided to boil hot dogs in a coffee maker.

But, on the whole, the photos are really...



They take submissions too!

But it looks like there's more than enough horrible food on Instagram to make this a pretty long-lasting account.

Look at this thing that was supposed to be a cake.