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These People Got Their Ears Extracted For The First Time And It Was Grossly Hilarious

"I'm gonna move to a larger suction."

Our ears can be a pretty gross area to tackle when it comes to decent body hygiene. So, we got a few brave souls to get ear wax extractions for the first time, and they were completely CHANGED.

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Edd was ready for it — but more importantly, he was ready to hear everything just a little bit more clearly.

Jazzmyne came into the experience as an ear cleaning pro.

She was so serious as she sat down for her extraction and told Dr. Kian Karimi how often she gets down with the Q-tips:

So, let's dig in, right? Ben was completely and immediately GROSSED THE FUCK OUT.

Jazzmyne was like, YAS!

And for Edd, he was lucky. The doctor didn't have any issues getting his wax out in one nice little ball.

But poor Ben hit a few bumps in the road...

Eventually, his ear future started to look a lot clearer.

This is probably why:

Overall, everyone was super chill about the experience and happy to hear a little better after the extraction.