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This Lasagna Is Made From Dreams And Taco Bell

Except for the poops that will happen after. Lots of poops.

A hero by the name of Elie Ayrouth at Foodbeast combined two pillars of yum-dom — Taco Bell and lasagna — into a terrible and delicious monster.

And it only took $80 worth of Taco Bell items, lol.

The lasagna starts with a layer of tortillas and cheese, obvi.

Then beef, and of course actual lasagna noodles. For structure and authenticity.

Then there's a fucking LAYER OF BURRITOS.

Plus beans and nacho cheese.

And an entire layer of cheesy roll-ups*.


And of course topped with moarrrr cheeeese.

Basically I need this in my face rn.

And Taco Bell agrees.

BRB, running to the ATM to get $80.

Watch the full video below:

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