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17 Dishes That Prove Japanese Food Is Totally Fucking Insane

Green tea chocolate strawberries?! あなたを愛してます Japan!

1. OK, let's start with something sweet before we get to the ~interesting~ stuff. Green tea chocolate–covered strawberries?

2. Whetting your appetite? Maybe you like sweet and savory, like this Kit Kat pizza?

3. So far so good. How about squid or octopus ice cream?

4. Still feeling peckish? Maybe a wasp cracker will fill the gap?

5. So you like insects? Then you'll love hachinoko, deep-fried bee larvae served as a yummy bar snack.

6. More of a burger fan? You'll dig Burger King's iconic Kuro Pearl burger, featuring a bamboo charcoal bun, and squid ink black sauce. Yep. Squid. Ink.

7. Or this Red Samurai Chicken burger, with red bun, cheese, and flaming red hot pepper sauce infused with *real samurai blood?

8. Natto? Doesn't look too challenging, right? But these stinky, fetid, fermented soybeans are very much an acquired taste.

9. Or how about some crunchy, tasty nankotsu — chicken cartilage — stuck in your teeth?

10. Bit over regular sushi? Try basashi – horse sashimi.

11. Still a seafood fad? Pick up some namako – succulent sea slug.

12. Sick of fish roe? Treat treat yo self to some shirako — spectacular fish sperm.

13. Fan of fermented fish guts? You'll love scrumptious shiokara.

14. Regular salads not crunchy enough? Why not try chirimenjako — thousands of tiny dried baby fish?

15. Or maybe you prefer your wiggling whitebait live? If so you'll adore shirouo no odorigui.

16. Bit of a tough guy? Torafugu is a toxic pufferfish that has been known to kill. Don't sashimi yourself!

17. The ultimate digestive challenge? Ikizukuri — squid that's still alive. Probably best to leave that one to the Japanese.