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This Is What The No-Stress Backup Dress Looks Like On Different Body Types

I feel like a model from the '90s.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you decide to have a spontaneous big night out but looked busted AF? That's where the ~No-Stress Backup Dress~ comes into play. It's a dress you can take with you basically anywhere, but does it actually look good? A few women of Ladylike decided to try it out.

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So, WTF is this dress? It has been specifically designed to withstand being crumpled up in your purse and even has a built-in bra if you’re going commando up top. It's the dress that is meant to be there for you if anything ever goes awry.


Overall, the backup dress is a great idea, especially if you are up a creek without an outfit. However, it didn't really cater to the variety of body shapes and sizes that might need an emergency go-to dress.