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This New Gray Burger From McDonald's Has Everyone Saying WTF


Burgers with strange-colored buns have been in the news a lot lately, with all of the controversy over Burger King's black-bunned burgers and their effect on your poop.

But now, people on social media are calling out McDonald's for its contribution to the colored bun phenomenon: this appetizing gray-bunned burger.


Isn't your mouth watering?

The "burger" is only available in China and has been around for a few weeks. McDonald's is calling it the "Modern China Burger."

McDonald's has a new gray burger

The burger was taste-tested by some writers for Time Out Beijing, who dubbed it a "vaguely offensive attempt to attract a new class of Chinese fast-food goers."

Even though the writers thought the bun looked disgusting, they begrudgingly reported it was actually pretty good.

But the burger's allegedly good taste didn't stop the internet from freaking out over its less-than-appetizing appearance.

Check out this 'grey burger' from @McDonalds YUK!!!!

"Who thought grey burgers were a good idea?"

Who thought grey burgers were a good idea? Go home #McDonald's, you're drunk. via @catchnews

"Concrete? Pollution?"

Hard to guess what inspired McDonalds Modern China Burger. Concrete? Pollution? The grey bun is on sale Til' Nov 3.

If you would like to try this creation and happen to be in China, you need to hurry up. The burgers are only available through Nov. 3.