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One Brave Man's Dream Was To Put Cookie Dough On A Pizza And He Did It

Prepare to be inspired.

A roll of cookie dough. A pizza. You do the math.

A true genius doesn't wait for the world to change. She makes it happen. A true genius doesn't see problems. He sees solutions. A true genius sees the hole in the universe and isn't afraid of putting in the sweat and elbow grease to make that hole glorious.

Michael J. Hudson is a true genius because he saw a frozen DiGiornio pizza and a tube of Pillsbury cookie dough, and he made cookie pizza.

"Cookie pizza was an inspiration from seeing someone who took one of those DiGiorno pizzas that came with enough dough to make several cookies for dessert," Michael explains. "I stepped it up and used 75% of a Pillsbury cookie dough roll and spread it thinly over the pizza before baking. Some things I make do not taste great, but I would never waste food either."

We saw the crescent [rolls], Michael saw the whole of the cookie pizza.

The 26-year-old Detroit native works in inpatient psychiatric care and is insanely funny on Twitter so I insist that you follow him now.

As for the taste, he says it was "not terrible. A good mix of savory and sweet, but very heavy."


Your eyes do not deceive you. This is a tube of cookie dough spread out on top of a frozen pizza.

Look at that chocolatey topping. And that zesty tomato sauce. The world was not ready for this.

So humbled to live in a world where one man can make his dream come true.