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17 Bizarre Foods Every Russian Grew Up With

(Besides borscht).

1. Blini with caviar and sour cream

2. Herring Under Fur Coat

3. Doktorskaya Bologna

4. Olivye salad


Pickled mushrooms, pickled tomatoes, pickled cabbage. All of this gets significantly tastier once you're old enough to use it as a vodka chaser.

6. Kholodets

MEAT JELLO. The concept never feels completely normal, but it's delish and fun to play around with! And look at all the shapes you can make! Recipe here.

7. Salo

8. Kvas

9. Herring, mayo and pickle sandwich

10. Okroshka

11. Solyanka

12. Kissel

13. Kishka

14. Kompot

15. Vinaigrette

16. Varenyky

17. And then there's this: