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17 Bizarre Foods Every Russian Grew Up With

(Besides borscht).

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1. Blini with caviar and sour cream


Cruel prank idea: Tell your American friend it's whipped cream and jam and watch them experience the most intense sensory bafflement of their lives. Recipe here.

2. Herring Under Fur Coat

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Imagine a cake layered with salted herring, cooked vegetables, and a coat of grated beets and mayo. It sounds gross but it'll grow on you, just like an actual fuchsia fur coat might. Recipe here.


3. Doktorskaya Bologna


It's the spongy lovechild of bologna and sausage, and every Russian-American kid who brings this in a sandwich for lunch is gonna get asked a lot of questions.

4. Olivye salad


It'll probably freak non-Russians out a little, but really, it's just potato salad if it was jacked up on more veggies, mayo, and the aforementioned bologna. Looks foul, tastes incredible. Recipe here.


9. Herring, mayo and pickle sandwich


Basically, all the ingredients that complement vodka, plus mayo because WHY NOT. (Also popular in the Netherlands, sans the hard liquor component.)


14. Kompot


This one's basically Eastern Europe's version of fruit punch, except that it's made by boiling fruits in water, which just seems like a more complicated way of going about the whole thing, but is totally worth it. Recipe here.

15. Vinaigrette


(Not to be confused with salad dressing.) Beets, potatoes, pickles, and pickled cabbage are the vegetables used most frequently in Russian cuisine, so it's no real surprise that they have a super healthy dish of their own. Recipe here.


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