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How To Make Delicious Two-Ingredient Sauces That Go With Everything

You already have this stuff in your fridge.

You only really need to know one thing to make almost anything taste good.


It's so easy it's not even a recipe. It's just a way to remember what is delicious.

Salty/Spicy/Acidic + Sweet = Delicious. / Via

Mix something spicy/salty (like Sriracha) with something sweet (like maple syrup) until it tastes good to you. Put it in a pan and let it bubble a little bit until it's syrupy.

Now put it on whatever you want to make ~delicious~.

This works with a lot of combinations — you can make them up with what you have in your kitchen. Here are some of my favorites.

Miso + Brown Sugar

Think Stock

Try it on: Broiled cod, roasted eggplant, or pork chops.

Soy Sauce + Honey

Think Stock

Try it on: Stir-fried tofu, sautéed shrimp, or scallops.

Sriracha + Maple Syrup

Try it on: Seared salmon, baked chicken thighs, or steak.

Fish Sauce + Sugar

Try it on: A big crunchy salad of jicama and cucumber (add a squeeze of lime), broiled pork burgers, or roasted Brussels sprouts.

Now cook something. Anything.

Michael Blann / Getty Images

Put a chicken thigh in the oven and cook it until it's done. Now brush it generously with one of those sauces, and stick it back in the oven till it gets a little brown and glazed. IT TASTES REALLY GOOD, DOESN'T IT?