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17 Fast Food Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Eat At Home

*never eats fast food again*

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their worst fast food experience. Here are the horrifying responses.

1. Submitted by Matt Brookings (Facebook).

I saw this one fast food employee puke in her hands, drop it into the trash can, and then proceed to put our tacos in the bag.

2. Submitted by nicoles99.

My mother and brother were about to order when some kid sitting down bit into his chicken tender. It was really stringy, unlike chicken, and incredibly gray, unlike chicken, and had a tail, unlike chicken. He had just taken a bite of a deep-fried, cooked rat. We don't eat there anymore.

3. Submitted by Komal Koko Andorinha (Facebook).

I used to work in a fast food pizza place 10 years ago. One time a guy wiped his penis on another guy's pizza for reasons unknown to me.

4. Submitted by megank38.

I used to work at a fast food place during college, and one day the plumbing in the men's room backed up so badly that it overflowed through the drains and into the back of the restaurant, where all the food prep happens. Management decided that that wasn't a good enough reason to stop serving people, though. So, yeah, I was standing in poo while I made your Bacon Turkey Bravo that day. Bon appétit.

5. Submitted by Seth Morris (Facebook).

My cousin bit into a cheeseburger containing a bloody bandaid.

6. Submitted by hannaellyseb.

I worked the overnight shift at a fast food place that was across the street from a bar. The weekends were hectic, since the restaurant was the only 24-hour place in town. We had what we called a "serial shitter;" he'd come in every Friday during the bar Rush, and he'd leave his pants (which he shat in) in the handicap stall in the men's room. Every. Single. Friday. Since we were MAJORLY understaffed we were never able to catch the guy.

7. Submitted by odalysolvera.

I remember one morning when I was 10; I went down the slide at a McDonald's PlayPlace. From the top I could see something at the bottom of the slide, but I assumed it was just discoloration. I went down, and before I knew it I smelled something VERY unpleasant. I had slid into a pile of puke.

8. Submitted by Julie Baker (Facebook).

One time I was waiting on line to order when I noticed one of the employees leaning over the french fry bin. They very clearly were getting sick DIRECTLY in the fries! Another employee ushered that employee away quickly before anyone could see, and as far as I know I was the only one who did, but people kept ordering and they were told there would be a "wait" for fries. I walked right out and called the health board immediately.

9. Submitted by aes13a.

One time I walked into the restroom of a fast food place, and I found period blood smeared ALL over the wall. There was toilet paper available, so I'm not sure if the blood was an artwork or just a sacrifice to Satan..? I walked right out and waited for someone else to discover the masterpiece.

10. Submitted by Emily Hamilton (Facebook).

At a McDonald's I saw a guy propose to his girlfriend while a big group of his friends cheered him on. She said yes.

11. Submitted by taylorp458567bf3.

My family was taking a road trip and we stopped at a fast food restaurant to use the bathroom and get something to eat. I went to the ladies room, and there was a line. An employee came barging in and ran into the last stall and let out the biggest poop and moan I've ever heard. She kept moaning and pooping for several minutes, and then she came out of the stall with her hands soaking wet. Instead of washing off whatever the hell was on her hands, she just walked right out. We decided to eat at a gas station, instead, after that.

12. Submitted by Mary Kate Brigden (Facebook).

I worked at a fast food place about 14 years ago, and, no lie, the cook got mad at a costumer so he took out the burger bun and rubbed his balls on it for the customer to eat.

13. Submitted by Beautiful Existence (Facebook).

I was present the evening a staff member ejaculated into a dish of pasta for a customer who was always horrible to the staff. Everyone stood by the doors, watching the customer eat every bite of the dish (except me - I just couldn't watch). I've ALWAYS been nice to food staff workers ever since.

14. Submitted by Rich Murray (Facebook).

A friend was sitting at a table and eating his food. He noticed a weird sauce on his potatoes, so he dipped his finger for a quick taste and brought it up to the register to ask about it. It wasn't sauce; the person who prepared the tray had cut themselves and didn't notice.

15. Submitted by Stephanie Rose Travis (Facebook).

A little boy scooped out unwrapped candy from a bin, and put it in his underwear. His mother saw and made him put it BACK in the bin. I'm never eating unwrapped candy again.

16. Submitted by Chiefche.

When I was a waiter at a restuarant, the chefs would pre-make all the soups, so they would be in large pots on heaters for the servers to just laddle into a bowl if ordered. Throughout the night whenever some of the employees would walk past the soup, they would hock loogies into the soup and stir it in.

17. Submitted by Kegan Fritz (Facebook).

I was going to order the McRib for my first time, so I asked the cashier how big the meat portion was. He turned around and then back to me, where he put his dick on the counter and said "about this big." He then yelled "fuck it, I quit." He was arrested later that day for indecent exposure, and I got a free meal out of it. Let's just say the McRib had a good inch or two on him.

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