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This Is Every Totally Insane Thing Miley Cyrus Wore At The VMAs

Kind of crazy, no?

Suspenders, nips, and tongue.

Your mom drinking a few too many margs at the neighborhood FIESTA.

BALLS and/or Easter M&Ms.

New Adventures In Cutouts.

Annnnnnd here it is from the back.

Rainbow Legos.

Human disco inferno.

These flammable vinyl nightmares.

This, um, Xmas tinsel coat.

miley looks like she's wearing a coat of spoons lol #VMAs

You just knew that coat wasn't gonna last long.

Miley's seventh outfit! Took of the jacket because JB made her hot😂😂 #VMAs

World's highest cut leotard + labia.


And finally, this BCalla number she wore during her massive finale/outro number.

That's so Miley.