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12 McDonald's Employees Reveal The Most Horrifying Thing To Happen In A PlayPlace

McNope. Inspired by this Reddit thread.

McDonalds / Via

1. Poop is a common factor.

2. Some involve good deeds.

3. But nothing beats poop AND good deeds.

4. Some stories involved pee.

TLC / Via

5. And some employees go to funky town in the ball pit.

6. It isn't a horrifying story unless there's puke involved.

7. And, of course, you're never too old to enjoy the PlayPlace.

Lifetime / Via

8. Just... no.

9. Broken bones occur.

Warner Bros. / Via

10. The police have sometimes been called.

11. And some stories will really leave you thinking.

12. But poop horror stories are the most common.

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