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We Went To Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Store So You Don't Have To

Hello from the other side.

Gwyneth Paltrow's pop-up shop, goop mrkt, came to San Francisco this week. (Yep, note the very trendy lack of vowels!)

At the goop mrkt's opening party, there was "pizza" from a recipe in Gwyneth's new cookbook.

There were tons of attractive, lithe people in attractive, lithe outfits.

And of course, tons of fancy stuff to buy.

And as you might imagine, none of the stuff you can buy at the goop mrkt is, um, cheap.

See if you can guess how much Gwyneth's goop mrkt loot will set your wallet back!

How much do you think this decorative wall tassel is? (Scroll down to reveal.)

How much for this "crossed egg sculpture"?

What about these pillows?

How much does this half wetsuit cost?

How much for this keychain?

How much do you think these boxes of spices cost?

How much for the basket the spices come in??

How much does this "sex dust" cost?

How much for Juicero, a "Keurig for juice"?

And how much for this oak mirror (that we tarnished with our plebe faces?)

Happy gooping!