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We Need To Talk About How Crazy-Good Chili’s Is

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...

Greetings, fellow Chili's lovers! Since you clicked on this article I'm going to assume that we're all in good company...

...and that you came here for the very same reason you regularly go to Chili's.


So let's come together and celebrate the heaven on Earth known as Chili's.

Because it really is a fantastic restaurant.

Even the rich and famous know it.

Starting with the warm welcome you get from the tabletop tablet.

Twitter: @BAEKR50

Thank you Ziosk tablets, for letting me easily reorder my drinks.

The margaritas... Oh god, the margaritas...

Now this is what I call true love:

Appetizers are a must...

...because as soon as you smell someone else's fajita order, you're going to be hungry and grateful to have something to snack on.

And yeah, it pretty much goes without saying, the fajitas are an experience unlike any other.

Twitter: @TheGrillBarrel

Even down to the Chili's-branded fajita potholders.

Now, some may accuse Chili's of being "unhealthy," but we all know that shit ain't true.

And guess what? Chili's is vegetarian-friendly!

Twitter: @dylanb4decaf

The black bean burgers are EPIC.

Not clearing your plate is NOT an option.

Unless you're saving room for dessert.

If you've never had a molten lava cake from Chili's, then you're majorly missing out.

Leftovers will bring joy for days to come.

Like, have you ever seen anything so wonderful in your entire life?

Twitter: @kelbiebradshaw

Fridge full of Chili's leftovers = pure joy.

In summary, Chili's brings happiness.

Twitter: @marlenagrace

Say it loud, say it proud!