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24 Things People Probably Don't Know Are 100% Queer Culture

"LGBT culture is always being the one to cause your family data package overages."

27 Times Gay Tumblr Was Absolutely Hilarious

If June is Gay Pride Month, then July is Gay Wrath Month.

25 Amazing Gay Bars Around The World To Visit Before You Die

Celebrate all the way from Tulsa to Tokyo.

These Beautiful Pictures Will Redefine Your Expectations Of Gender

“The binary gender roles that have been constructed by the Western world confine us in a way that doesn’t leave any room for nuance or complexity.”

Janelle Monáe Opened Up About Being Attracted To Boys And Girls At A Young Age

"We have to protect our babies, especially in the LGBTQIA+ community. We have to do better."

16 Queer-Friendly Spaces In The US That Aren't Just Bars Or Clubs

Whether you're sober, underage, or just want to try out something new!

12 Books By (And About) Lesbians And Bisexual Women To Read This Pride Month

Invite queer women from different decades to hang out with you from this mix of older and modern classics.

These Harrowing Pictures Capture The War Against The AIDS Crisis

By the end of the 1980s, some 100,000 people were diagnosed with AIDS in the US. ACT UP made it its mission to fight back.

14 New York City Spots To Hit Up If You Love Queer Culture

Visit gay bars, galleries, shops, and more on a queer tour of NYC.

12 Queer-Owned Food Businesses To Support During Pride Month And Beyond

One way to support the community during Pride month? Purchase products from queer-owned food businesses to put money directly into the pockets of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs.

18 Unexpected Things That Made People Say "Oh, Wait, I'm Gay Lol"

"He was stripped, tied to a scarecrow pole, and had the letter 'S' painted over his six-pack. That was when I knew."

38 Fictional Characters That Made Bisexuals Feel Seen

"As a bisexual woman from a conservative, religious family, this meant a lot."

Here's What The "Gay Song Of Summer" Was Since 1994

I'm curious what you think about our choice(s) for 2019. I'm sure I'll hear about it in the comments.

This Is What Pride Looked Like In The ’70s

The decade after the 1969 Stonewall riots was an era of rebellion, activism, and visibility. These pictures show how New York City's LGBT community and its allies celebrated the city's pride march in the 1970s.

What Sparked Your Gay Sexual Awakening?

I know someone's will be Jafar from Aladdin.

These 6 Questions Will Separate The Gay Millennials From The Gay Gen Z'ers

Your ice coffee choice is more telling than you think.

Here Are 25 TV Couple Moments That Made Us Believe In Love Again

"I'm choosing you...let me say one more thing...I love you."

Are You The Gay Cousin?

The gay cousin is the backbone of every family.

21 Pride Makeup Looks That Are Quite Literally Art


25 YA Novels That You Need To Read During Pride Month

You don't want to miss these fantastic LGBT reads.

"Pose" Is Back, So Here Are 20 Facts You Need To Know About The Show

Just when you thought it was impossible to love this show even more...

35 TV Characters Who Had The Most Memorable Coming Out Scenes

"It's not like this was my choice. It's just who I am."

"Pose" Had An Epic Season 2 Premiere And Fans Definitely Took Notice

"Pose is such a crazy rollercoaster of emotion. Sorrow. Ridiculousness. Anger. Joy. Discovery. Violation. Rage. Bliss. Fear."

These 22 Stunning Pics Of Billy Porter Prove That You Can Wear Whatever TF You Want

"Men should stick to black tuxedos" - nobody, after seeing these photos.

Not All Queer People Feel Like They Were “Born This Way”

Fifty years into the modern fight for LGBT rights, many people are still hesitant to acknowledge that there can be a wide gap between sexual behavior and sexual identity.

16 Funny Posts About Being Bisexual That You'll Want To Send To Your Bi Friends Immediately

"If all bisexual people are 'just experimenting,' where can we get some research grants?"

What Is The Best Coming Out Scene On TV?

"I feel more when I look at a picture of Kristen Stewart than I do when I kiss him."

21 Pictures That Will Make Gay People Laugh And Straight People Confused

"Gay culture is using humor at work to try and distract people from the fact you’re always late and don’t actually do anything useful."

23 Leading Trans And Non-Binary Actors Who Deserve More Airtime

Cast every single one of these people for everything.

15 Gay Tweets From This Week That Are Hysterical

"If you are a Disney gay, it should be disclosed on a first date."

Laverne Cox Hasn't Stopped Dreaming

“What sustained me for so long was having a dream and having something that I believed in that was bigger than me.”

33 Pride Products That Are ACTUALLY From Queer-Owned Businesses

All the pride gear you need, made by the LGBTQIA community for the LGBTQIA community 🏳️‍🌈

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