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    29 Pieces Of Queer-Themed Wall Art That'll Add Some Diversity To Your Decor

    It's time to take ~pride~ in your home decor, one print at a time.

    1. A rainbow and wordy poster, both in a chic vintage-meets-mod style that'll have your walls looking unmistakably gay. Bless.

    2. A warm lifestyle illustration you can put up to show the beauty of everyday life with your loved one.

    A couple wearing boxers and pajama pants, holding hands across a breakfast table while reading papers and drinking coffee

    3. A vintage-inspired print — a lovely gift to give the person you love to the moon and back (particularly if you share a place and *also* get to look at this beaut every dang day).

    A black and white illustration of a couple in party dresses sitting on a man-in-the-moon cutout and smooching

    4. An '80s-flavored choice that'll show you aren't ~playing games~ when it comes to pride. Like the screen says, trans rights are human rights!

    An old school arcade game with a screen that says "Trans rights are human rights"

    5. An ASL stunner with hands that spell out "LOVE" for romantics who inherently know that love is based on actions, not just words.

    An abstract piece with multicolored arms weaving through each other. The hands on each arm spell the letters L, O, V, E, in American sign language.

    6. A PDF cross-stitch pattern to give you something to do on quiet nights *and* help show that even your wholesome homemaking is suuuper gay.

    A floral cross-stitch that says "Big dyke energy"

    7. A duality piece that's sure to look out-of-this-world lovely in your place.

    A nude person shown at two angles — from the front and back. They have breasts and a penis, two different colored wigs, and are standing in front of a rainbow stripe, with stars behind them and triangles around them.

    8. A magic eight ball pick in a bold bright red — this fortune-telling print is definitely gonna tell it like it is.

    A pair of hands holding a large magic eight ball that says "All signs point to gay"

    9. A Monique Heart and Trixie Mattel pick, a decor choice featuring queens who deserve to be real life royalty. I'm sorry, Elizabeth Windsor, who?

    10. An Audre Lorde collage for poetic souls who know our lives would be far less colorful without Lorde's powerful, empowering voice. Arrange this statement piece in your home and let Lorde help start up conversations worth having whenever you have guests.

    A photo of Audre Lorde surrounded by flowers, text, rainbows, and paint splatters

    11. A lovestruck piece that'll strike the hearts of sensitive folks who know growing together is one of the best things couples can wish for.

    A nude interracial couple with chest tattoos above their breasts, snuggling close and holding hands

    12. A Pantone progress pride flag for artistic folks who love a good color palette. Classic blue truly has nothing on this.

    A square progress pride flag in the style of a Pantone color pallet with "Pantone 1978 C Pride" written beneath it

    13. A print of Danielle and Jack, two babes with beautiful bodies — either of which would look straight up stunning on your living room wall. All the neighborhood walls are gonna be so jealous.

    14. A vintage-inspired seaside print with an art-deco border and a deliciously lusty vibe that'll remind you why we have lifeguards in the first place.

    Two people with mustaches, short hair, and wearing vintage male swimsuits admiring each other's bodies in the water and nearly holding hands. There is a mountain and village in the background.

    15. A chariot tarot card featuring a boss butch babe you can look to when it's up to *you* to keep the odds in your favor, no excuses.

    An individual sitting in a golden wheelchair with angle wings on their back and on the wheels of their chair

    16. A saucy Disney prince lineup is gonna be, to put it lightly, LITERAL MAGIC when displayed above your bed.

    Five Disney princes lined up close together, each wearing a different colored mesh bodysuit and a white thong

    17. A pink and orange body positive print — when paired together these'll show show that scars (whether emotional, physical, accidental, or restorative) and personal power go hand in hand.

    18. A black tie number to add a gloriously gay touch to your classical home decor. A world without penguin suits is a world I refuse to live in!

    Two people in traditional black tie suits dancing romantically together with "Vanity Fair" written above them

    19. A powerhouse print that'll be a reminder to everyone who sees it that our LGBTQ+ ancestors will always be an important part of our history.

    A person showing off the back of their jacket with the words "We have always existed" below symbols for same-sex and pan-sexual attraction

    20. A cheeky piece that is sure to hit your funny bone every time you see it.

    A skeleton flailing its arms around, with a rainbow by its side and the words "Gay Mess" beneath its feet

    21. A queer and lesbian couples print in a distinctively minimalist style that'll pack a particularly precious punch.

    22. A pride flag you can customize with you and your loved one(s) to show the pride you have in your perfect little family.

    A classic rainbow pride flag with a multi-colored couple on the front. The image shows the picture of a couple used for reference when making the flag.

    23. A witchy print that's gonna delight gaudy goths who know exactly who to turn to when times are tough.

    A pastel goth picture of a tattooed hand with flames coming from the palm and the words "Gay Witches Protect Me" around it

    24. An ASL pick with the sign for "gay" — a stunning piece of art for anyone in the queer deaf community and their supporters. Because love is love in every (sign) language.

    A minimalist image with a hand signing the word "Gay" and a rainbow coming from the tips of the fingers

    25. A pop art print sure to be the cheekiest way to let your roommates know how you roll.

    A large mouth with the words "Let's Get One Things Straight: I'm Not" printed inside it

    26. A portrait of Marsha P. Johnson for times when you need to turn to a goddess of our past while you focus on your future.

    A colorful painted print of Marsha P. Johnson wearing an evening gown, flower crown, and showing off her dazzling smile

    27. A custom pansexual couples pick that'll turn you and your partner into the ACTUAL ART you both already know you are. Wow! Masterpieces, I say!

    28. A watercolor couple based on the crush stage of a relationship, i.e. basically the cutest thing you could surprise your boo with.

    A couple laying down with their arms around each other, behind their heads. They are looking directly at the viewer and have colorful hair and bright pink circles on their cheeks.

    29. And a June 1970 liberation poster to celebrate the heroes of our history who have made our lives oh-so gloriously gay! Thank. You. Very. Much.

    A 70s-style text with the word "Gay" listed several times in large lettering. In smaller text it says "Christopher Street Liberation Day" with the address and contact information for the past gathering.

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