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18 Products From Queer-Owned Businesses Reviewers Truly Love

Hand soap, jewelry, and clothing that support the LGBTQIA+ community — what's not to love?

1. A Castile liquid hand soap that lasts longer and leaves your hands softer than a detergent-based soap ever could.

Lavender liquid hand soap from Rora Apothic

2. A simple necklace to add a pop of sophistication to any of your outfits — or a pop of Dungeons & Dragons, either or.

3. A stress relief candle made with 100% soy wax and infused with lavender oil, chamomile, and bay leaf, because a little R&R sounds good these days.

Stress Relief candle from Moon Goddess

4. An adorable cross-stitch kit that comes with illustrated instructions and all the necessary supplies. Who knew crafting could be so foolproof?

Junebug and Darlin flower cross-stitch kit

5. A pair of boy shorts made in a high-quality cotton and a hint of stretch that'll keep you comfortable and wedgie-free.

6. Compression shorts with a nine-inch inseam, two full-size pockets, a supportive waistband, and flat lock seams that make chafing a thing of the past.

7. A vintage botanical print with original typewritten poetry that'll make a beautiful addition to your current wall art situation.

Vintage botanical print with typewritten poetry from Sycamore Type Shop

8. A vegan, cruelty-free lip gloss with a subtle blue tint to highlight your pearly whites and have them shining all day long. It's also packed with vitamin E and jojoba oil to keep your lips soft and supple.

9. A sequin zipper clutch that is the perfect size for all your necessities, and makes a statement no matter the occasion.

10. Greeting cards made from vintage LGBTQ+ photographs and 100% recycled paper. They're the perfect backdrop for any note you've been itching to send via snail mail.

Greeting card from In Your Own Words LLC

11. An all-natural de-tangler spray that works wonders on every hair type. Even better, a portion of sales is donated to help support homeless, queer youth of color.

12. A classic oxford shirt designed to fit any body type and made in an eco-conscious, 100% organic cotton — this shirt is never going out of style.

Kirrin Finch Stark Oxford shirt in gray colorway on model in studio

13. A baby record book that has been carefully designed for all new families, including same sex, gay and lesbian families.

14. A rainbow holographic sticker so you can show your PRIDE on your laptop, water bottle, car — I can keep going!

Gender Gems Pride Vision rainbow holographic sticker

15. A pair of hammered brass earrings in crescent moons that will have everyone asking, "Where did you get those?"

Wild Fancy Design's hammered brass earrings in lunar moon shape

16. Adorable pins that challenge assumptions about people and help spread awareness with sensitivity and humor.

17. A pair of snazzy oxfords made from vegan leather that are available in smaller sizes so anyone can dabble in the more masculine side of footwear.

18. And a custom necklace that can be personalized with any pride flag and name or date of your choosing.

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