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17 Bisexual Stereotypes In TV And Movies That People Are Really Sick Of

We really can't sit in chairs properly, though.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community what TV and movies get wrong about bisexuality. Here are some of the misconceptions they're tired of seeing:

1. That every bisexual person is actually just gay or straight.


"When bisexual characters end up with a person of the same gender, they are suddenly gay. If they end up with someone of another gender, their bisexuality was just a phase. You can be happily married to someone for 10 years and STILL be bisexual."


2. That bisexuality only means being 50% attracted to men and 50% attracted to women.

The CW

"Not every bisexual person experiences bisexuality the same way, which is probably why writers struggle to portray it in a way that doesn’t fall back on untrue tropes and stereotypes."


3. That bisexuality excludes transgender and nonbinary people.


"Some people prefer to identify as queer or pansexual to signal that they are attracted to trans and nonbinary people, but this does NOT mean that people who identify as bisexual will only date cis people."


4. That all bisexual people "don't like labels."


"Characters are always like, 'Sexuality is fluid' or 'I swing both ways.' I've only ever seen one or two characters on TV actually say the words, 'I’m bisexual.'"


5. That bisexuality is something you "outgrow" as you get older.


"You never see bisexuals being represented as happy and settled...we’re always portrayed as 20-year-old party animals. You never see bisexual parents!"


6. That bisexual people are more likely to cheat on their partners.


"Bisexual characters are always portrayed as being less likely to remain faithful in a monogamous relationship. I'm not just going to jump into bed with everyone I meet just because I'm attracted to more than one gender."


7. That bisexuality is a "pit stop" on the way to being gay.


"Being bisexual is not a lie used to soften the blow before you can come out as gay, and it's not simply a state of confusion. Bisexuality is real."


8. That bisexual men don't exist.


"I’m a bisexual girl, but the lack of guy characters who are openly bi is shocking."


9. That bisexuality is just a way of experimenting before permanently settling down with one gender.


"It's a permanent, constant part of yourself. If you end up with one gender, that doesn't mean the other part of you that's attracted to another just switches off."


10. That when a bisexual character gets into a relationship with the same gender, it automatically erases any of their previous attraction to other genders.

The WB

"It's like when a character discovers their attraction to the same gender, it erases any real attraction they had for a different gender. It doesn’t always have to be one or the other."


11. That all bisexual people enjoy threesomes and casual sex.


"I'm sick of every bisexual character being depicted as overly promiscuous, noncommittal, and polyamorous. SOME bisexuals are one or two or all of these things, but not every bisexual person is."


12. That bisexual people are evil and manipulative.


"Can't we have a bisexual character besides the antagonist everyone hates?"


13. That bisexuals are "greedy."


"Like, what does that even mean? Why am I greedy for loving who I love?"


14. That it's okay for gay people to make anti-bi remarks.


"So many people within the LGBTQ community are biphobic and get away with it just because they aren’t straight or cis."

Ellery Spyker

15. That bisexual people are attracted to literally everyone they meet.


"There's this assumption that bisexual people are attracted to everyone and will sleep with anyone who shows any interest. We have standards."


16. That bisexuality is just a phase.


"Marissa from The O.C. was the epitome of this trope. She had a fling with a woman, and it was just never mentioned again. It felt like the writers used her bisexuality as a cheap ploy for ratings."


17. And finally, that bisexuals have to "prove" that they're really bisexual.


"Not every bi person in real life will have relationships with both the same gender and other genders. Sometimes, bi people just don't date anyone at all — we’re capable of being single, too. We don’t need to 'prove' that we’re bisexual, no matter who we’re dating."


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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