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12 LGBTQ-Owned Food Businesses To Support During Pride Month And Beyond

Supporting goods made by queer-owned businesses makes sure that money is invested directly back into the LGBTQ community.

It's Pride Month, and one way to celebrate is to purchase products from queer-owned businesses. 🏳️‍🌈

This reinvests money directly back into LGBTQ entrepreneurs, allowing them — and the community at large — to grow and expand. Last year we highlighted some of our favorite queer-owned food businesses, and this year we're sharing even more.

From vegan hot dogs to gourmet chocolates, these businesses showcase the many flavors and facets of the queer food community. So order some snacks and enjoy. Happy pride!

1. Yeah Dawg, a vegan, soy-, and gluten-free hot dog company making some of the best plant-based dogs around.

2. Third Culture bakery, a cross-cultural favorite known for its mochi muffins.

3. Rancho Gordo, a company selling heirloom beans that are seriously good.

4. Five North Chocolate, a company making fair trade snacking chocolate — perfect for your next Netflix session.

5. The PB Love Company, an artisanal nut butter company making top-quality peanut and almond butters from scratch.

6. Radical Foods, a Portland, Oregon–based café serving Rad Roast, a coffee alternative made with chicory, dandelion, cinnamon, and cacao.

7. Seek Food, an innovative food company producing cricket flour you can bake and cook with.

8. Bogota Latin Bistro, a beloved Brooklyn restaurant that ships its ají and chipotle table sauces straight to your door.

9. Obsessive Chocolate Disorder, an artisanal chocolate shop making creations that double as works of art.

10. Paru Tea Bar, a San Diego modern tea bar that ships high-quality tea nationwide.

11. Dublin Roasters Coffee, a Maryland coffeehouse and roaster that has more than 80 varieties of coffee.

12. Baz Bagels, a cherished New York restaurant and bagel shop that ships DIY kits so you can make bagels from scratch.

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